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Katara Mosque

The Katara Mosque, located in the central part of the Katara Cultural Village, is a mosque of exceptional architectural design and unconventional, as it is characterized by its huge facades covered with mosaic panels of blue, yellow, and red tiles, and its tall mosaic minarets.

Standing market

There is a Souq Waqif (English: Souq Waqif) in the Qatari city of Doha, which is a vital heritage market that has been built, and added to the old market, which represents – and still is – the social center of the city, and one of the most traditional markets in the region since the nineteenth century AD, which includes Today many shops specialize in selling various products and merchandise, such as: spices, perfumes, ouds, fabrics, birds, camels, traditional heritage items, jewelry and souvenirs.

Great State Mosque

The State Grand Mosque was distinguished by its beautiful interior and exterior architecture. The huge dome, white stone columns that raise the ceiling, and simple chandeliers appear, as well as the external beauty of the mosque during the night, thanks to the purple lights.

Islamic art museum

The Museum of Islamic Art (English: The Museum Of Islamic Art) is considered one of the largest museums in the world, and is the first of its kind in the world. It was opened in 2008, and was supervised by the design of the architect IMB famous for its design the pyramid of the Louvre Museum in Medina Paris; the building of the Museum of Islamic Art appeared as an amazing architectural masterpiece that dazzles everyone who sees it.

The town of Al-Khor

Town Of Al Khor is located in the northern part of the State of Qatar, and it is a small village whose location directly overlooking the sea made it an important center for pearling in the past, and today it is very popular with the residents of the region and its visitors, as it gives them an atmosphere Great on the shaded cornice.

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