The best tourist places in Saudi Arabia

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the city of Tabouk

Tabuk is one of the most famous cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where it was the strategic place to rest and stop the pilgrims who were going to perform the Hajj pilgrimage on foot from Syria to Medina, and Makkah Al-Mukarramah, as this civilization was greatly affected by Egyptian travelers from the west, and the Ottomans from the north Those who left behind a physical memorial represented in the remains of the Hijaz railway road near the city center, then this city became a crowded tourist destination because of its attractions that attract tourists, such as beautiful coral reefs, clean beaches and free of pollutants, and g Rhea factors.

Stone City

Also known as Madain Saleh, it is an ancient archaeological site that dates back to before the Islamic era, and is located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 22 kilometers to the northeast of the municipality of Al-Ula in Medina, and has been classified by UNESCO as the first World Heritage site in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia This city contains 111 well-preserved ancient tombs, and these tombs contain facades dating back from the first century BC to the first century AD.

Rock art in the region of Hail

The rock arts are located in the Hail region in the hills of Jabal Umm Senman in Jubba, and in Jabal al-Manjour and Jabal Rata in Shuwaymis. These rock arts were engraved using a stone hammer by ancient Arabs, according to UNESCO, and they contained a freshwater lake located at the base Umm Senman hill provides water for residents and animals in the southern part of the Great Desert of influence. Now it contains pictures of human and animal characters nearly 10,000 years ago. These arts were classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015.

Other tourist places in Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia includes many places of tourist attractions, including the following:

  • Taif city: This city is called the city of roses, as the smell of roses can be smelled from the neighboring orchards, and is characterized by its healthy climate, stunning scenery, and fruit diversity, and it contains the Okaz Museum, the Shubra Museum, and the National Museum.
  • Qassim Governorate: Al-Qassim Governorate is considered a center rich with heritage, nature and traditional crafts. This is also a major center for various cultures and festivals due to its geographical location.
  • the eastern zone: It is located in the eastern part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and is similar to the jewel in its bright colors, and includes many beautiful gardens, sandy beaches, green oases, and beautiful corniche, in addition to the desert that extends its features to distant horizons.
  • Aseer Governorate: This governorate is characterized by the diversity of its terrain, in which high mountains, flat plains, and beautiful marine coasts rich in stunning scenery and vitality.


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