The best tourist places in Sharqia

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Half moon beach

Half Moon Beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the city of Dammam and the eastern region, as it provides various facilities and services for tourists and visitors, in addition to that it is considered suitable for practicing beach sports, and includes many tourist resorts, and it is worth noting that Dammam is an important tourist destination in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia; Because it is characterized by its mild climate all year round, and its markets that contain many luxurious complexes and popular markets, and its charming beaches.

Dammam Waterfront

This interface is located on the western side of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Street, and it is called the King Abdullah Park, and it is located on the opposite side of Al Marjan Island and the famous recreational village of Dolphin, and many tourists visit it to enjoy its beautiful view that is located on the Arabian Gulf, in addition to To provide many facilities and paths for walking and others.

Coral Island

Al-Marjan Island is one of the most famous tourist attractions located in the middle of Dammam Bay on the front facing the Corniche, which is 1,800 meters away and connected to it via bridges. This island also consists of King Abdullah Park which is used to hold official ceremonies, and contains the King Abdullah Center Civilization that simulates regional and international culture and civilizations, in addition to that it contains attractive green spaces, and many entertainment and entertainment facilities.

king Fahd’s bridge

King Fahd Bridge is considered one of the most beautiful architectural masterpieces in the city of Khobar, which is located in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia, as it is distinguished by its length and distinguished architectural design, as it reaches a length of approximately twenty six kilometers, and connects between the city of Khobar and Bahrain Island, and the bridge consists of four corridors in the middle There is an island that is used as a customs checkpoint for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you can also climb to the top of the bridge and enjoy the scenic views.

Sunset Beach Resort

The sunset beach resort is considered one of the most beautiful places to visit in Al Khobar, and it is also a unique residence site for tourists as it has a large water park where visitors can ride boats and canoeing inside, in addition to the presence of a bowling alley and luxury dining facilities.


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