The best tourist places in Sri Lanka

المسافرون العرب

Expensive city

The city of Galle, Sri Lanka, occupies a great historical importance, as it contains many tourist areas, the most important of which are the highly beautiful Dutch buildings, where the Dutch fort contains many beautiful villas, huge hotels and small cafes, as well as craft shops that attract tourists to them and arouse their interest, as can be Tourists can enjoy wandering the streets of the old town, riding on elephants, or even taking a fun trip in its rainforest, or snorkeling or surfing in Unawatuna Beach.

Polonnaruwa Old Town

The ancient city of Polonnaruwa was included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, an archaeological and cultural city located in the Polonnaruwa district of the North Central Region, established by King Vijayapo in 1070 AD after defeating the Chola invasion, and the site attracts large numbers of tourists from He called for the founding of a new town with the same name in close proximity.


Sri Lanka contains many beaches that provide all the requirements and desires of tourists, and its most important beaches are:

  • Unawatuna Beach: There is close to the southern coast of Galle, and it is considered one of the beaches of a vital nature. It also has a specialized diving center for teaching diving that includes underwater breathing. There are also a large number of water activities on the beach that provide fun for tourists.
  • Mirissa Beach: It is located in the south side of Unawatuna, and it is characterized by its calm atmosphere, and the tourists there can practice diving and enjoy watching the whales.
  • Arugam Bay: Many go to windsurfing.

Golden Dambulla Temple

The temple belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage List, and contains more than 80 caves, and these caves contain a large number of regulations and paintings that display the laws of the Buddha of up to 153 laws, 3 other laws concerning the kings of Sri Lanka, and four laws specific to the gods, and among the most important What distinguishes this region is the four caves excavated at the base of Sakhra.

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