The best tourist places in summer

المسافرون العرب


The Alentejo region is one of the most famous summer tourist destinations in Portugal, as the region contains many quiet and beautiful beaches that attract tourists, and since it stretches along the coast from Lisbon to the Atlantic Ocean, it enables visitors to enjoy surfing activities, In addition to visiting the quiet villages near the area including Comporta and Puerto das Barca.


The city of Kinsale in the County of Cork in Ireland is one of the most popular areas that attract tourists in the summer, as the city has stunning views and a Spanish atmosphere especially in the summer, and this city is a major attraction for sailing, hunting, hiking, and lovers of landscapes, tasting Food, because the city is bustling with many good restaurants that serve great seafood.


Budapest is one of the most popular places that tourists can visit in the summer, as this city provides the opportunity to visit the distinctive resorts, or enjoy a cruise on the river, and this city is the administrative, industrial and commercial center of Hungary, and it is one of the oldest sites that have been built since ages Prehistoric, tourists can visit the Danube, which is characterized by its charming nature attracts attention, especially when the hills of western Hungary meet the plains extending from the east and south by a series of bridges.

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Formentera Island

Formentera can be considered one of the most famous islands belonging to the Balearic Islands archipelago, and is a short trip by ferry from Ibitha Island, and this island has the perfect natural scenery that attracts tourists to relax. Palm.

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Aran Islands

The Aran Islands are one of the most popular islands that attract tourists in Ireland, and these islands consist of three main islands: Inishmore, Anishiman, and Insher. These islands are also famous for rugged and unique wildlife. Examples of the main attractions in these islands include Fort Don Dun Aonghasa, and the steep slopes of Aran.

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