The best tourist places in Tbilisi, a new Georgia is recommended to visit

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New is better Tourist places in Tbilisi You can get acquainted with it before you visit this active tourist spot at the moment, that Georgian capital located in the state of Georgia at the crossroads of the European and Asian continents in the Caucasus region within Eurasia, which borders between the Black Sea, Russia, Azerbaijan, Russia and Armenia from its four sides.
These places are numerous and vary between ancient and ancient heritage monuments and cultural diversity created with a mixture of the traditional and private customs of the state and its residents.

Best Tourist Places in Tbilisi, Georgia:

The tourist attraction in Tbilisi varies between cathedral and church sites, archaeological museums, parks, gardens, flowers, arboreal trees and pleasing greenery for the eyes, without going back to the aerobic ski sport of many tourists during the winter.


Bergumian autumn should not be neglected when mentioning Georgia, because it is considered very famous especially for Russian tourists on its coast, and the autumnal atmosphere that differs from their country, and this city in particular on the tenth of the Gregorian months sees the amazing appearance and enjoyment of the creator’s beauty in his creation, and this distinguishes approaching the city’s public park as well .


A garden not far from the narcotic forests centered in the heart of the city and its center, and from its beauty the population publishes about it as the first shrine to be visited for any tourist visiting Tbilisi, which only costs one of the Georgian generations to represent the currency of this country, especially its fame as one of the tourist places in Tbilisi that Times are spent without restlessness of the views, the atmosphere, and exploratory movement in it, and also marked according to the opinions of heritage historians of the landmarks due to be seen with:

David Mattsamanda Church and others:

Characterized by the presence of similar fortresses and ancient forts, visitors who belong to the Christian community find pleasure in photographing it there, as well as:
Nikrisi The church that is included in one of the neighborhoods of Kakheti, the old Georgian city. This church was not abandoned, but is used by several monks and their supervisors. It is also close to the Kafarilli, and it is located on the appearing divine appearances of different colors and arrangements that can represent a souvenir through your camera that remains in your memory of this city.


It is one of the cathedrals that you can learn about, for example, its presence in the enclave of Limerick, which includes the other, such as the cadetayd affiliated to the town of Kutaisi or Dormition, but it is the most famous among them, and it is located in this town since its construction in BC 11, then something happened and it collapsed and its construction was officially renewed in the sixteenth From the ninth month, but the appearance of tourism in it is that it combined the modern architecture and the ancient style of Georgia.
The entertainment in Kutaisi is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Tbilisi, which attracts visiting young people. Most pictures have been taken of, especially of Pagrati, located on the Okemerioni Plateau.

The caves find the Satlapia cave:

Its location is beautiful and striking, with a remarkable addition to the group of Michael Saakashvili, which increases the excitement with the steps of dinosaurs manufactured with plastic machines, which attracts and attracted the attention of many tourists, especially due to its location on West Sataplia by about six kilometers in the north, and its extension to 300 meters east and a capacity of twelve meters and a height My height is ten meters, and to enter this cave is a price of 6 Georgian gelats accompanied with an English speaking guide.

The most important tourist places in Georgia:

Tbilisi Zoo

Watching animals is fun, especially for family or individual visits. Circus shows are also special. Do not miss the visit to the Tbilisi park considered established since 1927, and thus it is the oldest in the gardens of Georgia, and the park has various types of animals of different categories and races, including what is considered rare and almost extinct, and the familiar ones.
The park includes a distinctive segment, such as circus games, as well as childish games for children. It is allowed to enter them with specific dates starting from 10 km from the morning of the visit day until 6 pm with a fee that is considered to be symbolic.

Narikala Fortress:

Known by the locals with the spirit of the city, it is one of the primitive buildings of the city that was established with its establishment in the 4th century AD, but various changes have occurred to it, including expansion and extension multiple times during BC 7,8 by Umayyad order, and it is thus considered a symbol of ancient Arab fortresses, but after these Arab adjustments expanded Other times, including what was at the hands of David Albany.
One of the most important things that you can as a tourist when you visit is to wander inside and see the most prominent and oldest monuments of heritage preserved in that fort, which includes among its walls a church valued from history called the Church of Nicholas, and by looking over the top from the wall you see the most wonderful views of Tbilisi and the river there.
You can keep your camera with you to take pictures and memories of the city, the fortress, the river and what surrounds them, and to reach the castle you have to be bold by taking the cable car, which is the same tourist viewing place, and through it you know the lower areas of the city.

Lake Tbilisi turtles

When you read about tourist places in Tbilisi, you should not miss an adventure with turtles in a lake with this name there, which is a lake that has calm qualities and feels reassuring for those who tried it and lived in it, characterized by a good number of turtles, and it is linked to the Farazyski River.
Do not think that it is neglected, as there are multinational tourists and different people come to see them, and their visiting periods are concentrated between the months of 7,8 AD, where the water takes green reflections of the dazzling vegetation around it, and is adjacent to it by another famous landmark of Tbilisi, which is the Museum of Anto Geography, characterized by the presence of huge rock carvings With vast air without restrictions.
But her entry has a wage, it ranges between a dollar for an adult, and children under the school age without fees, and access to it is in two ways, a taxi or a walk through Chavchaphads Street, and you can practice walking or running around the semi-mountainous hills, knowing that they are not Available on Monday, and are only between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.


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