The best tourist places in Turkey

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Turkey is a country of heritage, originality, development, and modernity, where it managed to combine the originality of the past with the modernity of the present, given its distinguished location between two of the oldest continents of the world; Turkey has witnessed over the past centuries, making it one of the important countries in the region on the tourism level, and Turkey includes a large number of fictional tourist places that extend along the coasts along the scenic green nature, and historical and ancient buildings, which offer Species attracts large groups of tourists seeking charm of nature and wonderful cities.

Tourist places in Turkey


Istanbul offers the splendor of being in two different civilizations culturally at the same time, as this city crosses the Asian borders towards the European borders, Istanbul combines the magic of Asia with the civilization of Europe, Istanbul is famous for the nature of the bustling and active life even at night hours, with many archaeological places in it, The most important of them is the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, which provides a spiritual and quiet atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of life in it. Istanbul also contains one of the most important Turkish markets, the Grand Bazaar, which contains a variety of good quality Turkish goods at reasonable prices.


The saying among Turkey’s tourists is well-known that whoever has not seen Antalya has not seen anything from Turkey, Antalya is characterized by being the most attractive Turkish city for tourists, as it receives millions of tourists every year, due to the beauty of the picturesque nature and its geographical nature more than wonderful, and its climate climate is moderate throughout the year , Which contributed to the diversity of tourism activities in it, and the most important of them are exploratory tours of the picturesque nature in the Duden Falls area, with the aim of exploring caves submerged under the water of the waterfalls.

The Lycian Coast

The Lissia coast is famous for being one of the most beautiful Turkish coasts, due to the nature of the soft and smooth sand on its beaches, and the sparkle of blue waters along this beach. The tourists can also enjoy the nature of rural life scattered in the various interior regions of the Lissia coast, and take a tour in it to learn about the archaeological sites located there. Among the most important is the old theater.


It is the best place in Turkey for lovers of relaxation and recreation, in which wonderful natural scenes and amazing bays are dotted, tourists can move between these bays by going on a tour of one of the boats designated for that there, as it is famous for its residents and visitors diving, with one of the most famous churches of the century The fifteenth in it, which is the Church of St. Peter.


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