The best tourist places in Uzungol

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The famous Uzungol village and lake is located between the green hills and the rich nature of southeastern Trabzon, north of Turkey on the Black Sea. According to the Turks, the word Uzungol means the long lake, and this lake has been formed for five centuries.

A traveler to Uzungol can reach it through Trabzon Airport because it is the closest airport to the village, then he rides any bus; as the cost of buses in this region is five dollars, and travels a distance of about a hundred kilometers, and this requires a time between an hour and an hour and a half, because Uzungol is far About Chakbara about 19 km, and Trabzon about 100 km.

Advantages of Uzungol

Uzungol is characterized by its picturesque nature and its distinctive lush gardens, and hotels with woody architecture and low prices that start from seventy dollars, and what distinguishes this village from the most is the generosity of its people and their hospitality to tourists and visitors, they receive them the best reception and rent them rooms in their homes to be less expensive than hotels.

The best tourist places in Uzungol

  • Pine Lake: It is a large lake that tourists and visitors camp around for the splendor of its view and the clarity of the air in it. In this lake the river salmon abundant and considered the most delicious feast for lunch and dinner at the villagers, and because of the flood caused by the lake repeatedly, the government built a cement barrier along the lake shore To protect the village as a main destination for tourists.
  • Fish farms: There are many distinctive fish farms in the village, from which the villagers and tourists also eat a lot.
  • Natural reserve: where the whole Uzungol is considered a nature reserve, with stunning scenery, trees and plants of various types, such as their very distinctive pine blossoms, and the Caucasian forests located on the shores of the Black Sea, and also there are many wild animals such as distinctive deer are very beautiful, and this reserve Nature is covered with snow in winter, which increases the number of tourists, especially in areas that do not see snow in her country.
  • Fish Lake and Eiger Lake: The Fish Lake is located on the foothills of the mountains in Uzungol, and Lake Eiger is also 2,700 meters above sea level.
  • Ozenjul oven and kitchen: It is a kitchen in which many of the village women gather to perform cooking and making pastries, the most famous of which is the oven, which is made over a fire of wood that is placed inside the oven (the name of the oven they have).
  • Karikara Village: This village is located about 20 km before Uzungol, and the tourist can visit it on the way to Uzungol. This village is also known as the Tea Village because it is famous for making tea on their own way, and it has many wonderful views, and the most important thing that can be visited in this village It is scenic waterfall terraces.
  • The picturesque village of Shukrans, with its picturesque hilltops, and the highlands of Sultan Murad that many tourists come to visit and climb.

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