The best tourist places in Zell am See

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The mountain height of the town of Zell am See, called two shims, is about 2000 meters. The suitable times to visit Schmidten mountain are between December and April, and the summit of this mountain can be reached by using the cable car, or on foot, where there are informative signs to guide tourists, and visitors along the road.

Lake Zell

Lake Zell is located in a wonderful valley between the summit of Grossglockner mountain, which is the highest in Austria, and the Kitzsteinhorn mountain covered with snow. With it, there is also a world health resort that opened since 1961, and tourists or visitors can ride in the boat and take a tour of the lake, play water games in it, ski in the winter, or ride on water ferries, and enjoy all the foods in it.

Hoh Tauen National Park

The Nationalparkzentrum Hohe Tauern is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Zell am See, and one of the preferred tourist destinations for tourists in Austria. Among the activities and events that attract visitors and tourists, such as: the Alpine Zoo and Botanical Museum, the Forest and Mountain Gallery, the Knorr Taurine which are crystal stones, rare metals discovered in this region, in addition to the Nationalpark 360 ° hall that uses the latest technologies and influences to display HD from the tops of the mountains and rivers in Austria.

Rosenborg Castle

Rosenberg Castle is one of the tourist places in Zell am See that attracts tourists from all over the world, and it is a castle characterized by its ancient construction, and its unique architecture. It was built in 1583 AD by two brothers from the merchants. The seat of the city’s council, and visitors can also visit the Stadt Museum near the castle, a museum that contains the most important archaeological pieces that show the ancient history of Zell am See.


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