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Nisantasi Street

Nisantasi Street is one of the most unique shopping streets in Istanbul, where there are a lot of designer stores in addition to the wealthy residents of the city, as well as multiple international brands, and you can visit the nearby Tesfikay neighborhood that contains many restaurants, cafes, and small shops that It was opened by younger young entrepreneurs.

Galata neighborhood

Galata neighborhood is located in Beyoglu in the center of Istanbul, where Istiklal Street is usually the preferred shopping choice for many tourists, and the area around Galata Tower full of designers and local residents can be visited from the same area, and you can visit the Grand Al Sadr Street, which is characterized by its cobbled paths and facades. New classics, plus stores that include designer clothes for local designers, multiple antiques, and other shops.

The Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar is located in the heart of the old city of Istanbul, and it is characterized as a colorful and chaotic bazaar that has existed for several centuries, and it started as a small arched warehouse that was built by order of Mehmed the Conqueror in 1461 AD, then it expanded to cover a large area, and is currently characterized by having many long corridors and neighboring shops. The roof that constitutes a sprawling market that still exists today.

Spice Bazaar

This market (in English: Spice Bazaar) of the Ottoman era contains spices and sweets that are offered to thousands of tourists and locals daily, and this market contains many stalls that offer caviar, dried herbs, honey, nuts, and dried fruits, in addition to the stalls that sell Tourist ornaments and souvenirs.

Canyon Mall

Canyon Mall is one of the most famous shopping centers in Istanbul, and what distinguishes it is its amazing architectural style, and the many shops it contains, which is near Levent metro station, in addition to that its interior and exterior design makes it an ideal location for shopping at all times, whether sunny or rainy. It contains more than two hundred trade shows.

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