The best tourist program in Dubai for 4 days

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Dubai is one of the most preferred destinations for travel and tourism enthusiasts around the world. It includes dozens or even hundreds of attractions that break records with millions of visitors each year.
Many are searching for tourist programs in Dubai or a tourist schedule in Dubai for a pleasant vacation, so we have prepared this guide to show you the best tourist program in Dubai 4 days in an integrated manner starting from obtaining the visa.
Content :

  • Obtaining the visa
  • Traveling to Dubai
  • Reservation of the property during the program
  • Navigation during the program
  • First day
  • the second day
  • the third day
  • the fourth day

Equipment of the best tourist program in Dubai:

Before you start your tourism program in Dubai, you will need some important equipment, such as obtaining a visa to enter the United Arab Emirates and booking airline tickets and place of residence, below and before starting we will provide you with all the information on this matter.

Obtaining a Dubai visa:

All Arab travelers to Dubai for the purpose of tourism need to obtain an entry visa for the United Arab Emirates tourist, except for citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, who can enter with regular passports.
Dubai short-term, 30-day or long-term, 90-day Dubai tourist visas can be obtained through Emirates airlines, hotels, licensed travel agents or through UAE embassies and consulates.
We have prepared a comprehensive guide on UAE visas and their types, as well as how to obtain them, and you can view it by clicking here.

Traveling to Dubai:

After obtaining your tourist visa to the United Arab Emirates, it is now time to book airline tickets and proceed to Dubai International Airport, where the best and most wonderful tourist program starts in Dubai.
We advise you to travel on Emirates Airlines aircraft as it is the first and pioneer company in the Middle East, because of the advantages and services it provides to its customers, you can view them by clicking here.
You do not have to worry about how to end the procedures inside the airport or how to go to the city after reaching the various passenger terminals where you can follow this comprehensive guide about Dubai International Airport from A to Z by clicking here.

Place of residence during the program:

Luxury hotels and hotel apartments are spread all over Dubai, and in this tourism program we recommend to you the hotels in this report because of the high-quality service and various facilities it provides besides enjoying sites in the most important tourist areas in close proximity to various means of transportation … See the report.

Transportation during the program:

Although Dubai includes many public transportation, the metro remains the most appropriate option for exploring the emirate’s landmarks as it is the best and cheapest at the same time so it is the means that you can use for a tourist program in Dubai at the lowest possible cost.
It is worth noting that many Dubai metro stations are located close to the majority of the sights that will be shown in this program, so please see this comprehensive guide on Dubai Metro by clicking here before continuing reading.

Best tourist program in Dubai 4 days:

After you have completed all the matters related to visa, travel and residency, let us now move to the content of the most wonderful tourist program in Dubai, which is divided into 4 days for each day, including a specific purpose of the visit.

The first day: visiting the most famous landmarks of Dubai

Among all the sights of tourism in Dubai, the following attractions are the most popular and most popular with visitors, and therefore they are at the top of any tourism program in Dubai, and they must be enjoyed on the first day.

Burj Khalifa

It is the most famous landmark in the Emirates and it is the tallest tower in the world with an altitude of about 828 meters. It is located in the city center and can be reached using the metro directly via the red line Station No. 25 … Read more
Dubai Aquarium
In Dubai Aquarium you can enjoy watching more than 400 sharks and 33,000 other marine creatures with a viewing angle of 270 degrees, and diving enthusiasts can also swim with small fish … Read more

Dubai Dancing Fountain

To the tunes of music, the world’s tallest exhibition fountain dances with impressive light shows that you will surely enjoy with your family and children and you will take dozens of glamorous and memorable photos … Read more

Day two: Enjoy the coolest activities in Dubai

No tourist program in Dubai is not free of those fun activities that give a large dose of adrenaline, Dubai is the city of entertainment and excitement with its exciting activities.

Ski Dubai

It does not take you to travel to Arctic skiing in Guild, in the heart of the Dubai desert you can enjoy the best ski experience in the Middle East in an atmosphere full of excitement … Read more

Skydive Dubai

The skydiving of 13,000 feet above the Palm Jumeirah is not an easy thing for the faint of heart, but it is the most enjoyable thing for adventure enthusiasts. If you are one of these heroes, you must try Skydive Dubai … Read more

The third day: Take a tour of the history of the Emirates

He who has no past has neither a present nor a future, so the Emirates is keen to build museums that immortalize its past with artifacts dating back to pre-BC and pre-oil times.

Dubai Museum

The Dubai Museum or Al Fahidi Fort is one of the most important historical monuments in Dubai that must be visited in an exploratory tour between artifacts dating back 5000 years … Read more

Union Museum Dubai

The Union Museum displays the history of the United Arab Emirates in an interesting chronology through presentations and interesting interactive programs to educate visitors about the most important factors that led to the building of the country … Read more

Fourth day: shopping in the shopping capital

No tourist program in Dubai can end without buying souvenirs and some products from the best international brands before returning home, Dubai is the shopping capital in the Middle East.

The Dubai Mall

On an area of ​​1100000 square meters, one of the largest shopping malls in the world is located, which includes dozens of shops that sell the best international and local products of high quality … Read more

Emirates Mall

This mega mall is one of the 5 largest malls in Dubai, with about 630 retail stores, 250 major stores in addition to 100 facilities and many other activities … Read more

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