The best tourist program in Paris for 6 days

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The capital of art is culture, fashion and beauty that capture hearts before the eyes with their icons
Its museums, royal palaces, attractive gardens, antique streets and parks
The entertainment for setting up a tourist program in Paris is endless, and the tourist wishes that he switch to a program
Long and comprehensive stay and a halal purchasing craze if it is from the heart of Champs-Elysées, the first shopping street
And the most famous in the world.

Enough suspense and entering the marginal stage, so we present to you a wonderful Paris tourist program that brings you from the wings of dazzling, recreation and entertainment, as long as you can prolong your trip and vacation in Paris, the beautiful French capital.

Accommodation options when planning a Paris tourist schedule

While you enjoy enjoyable tours that have been set as part of an unforgettable tourist program in Paris, you will definitely need to stay in a prestigious Paris hotel, what is most and what is most luxurious, as the housing options in Paris vary between hotel rooms and suites or furnished apartments and more.

The link deals with a detailed list of the best hotels in France in the capital that you can stay in during a tourist program in Paris, according to the nominations of its Arab guests .. Read more

The best Paris tourist program for 6 days

To you
A tourist program in Paris for a period of 6 days, distinguished by the diversity of historical sites
Cultural, recreation, leisure, and shopping.

First day: the most famous tourism icons in Paris

Louvre Museum

One of the largest, most popular, and popular museums in the world, which makes it a prime guest on any tourist program in Paris

The museum dates to the end of the 18th century and holds about 38,000 archaeological treasures, including manuscripts and paintings
The most famous documents are the Da Vinci Mona Lisa, and annually it generates 7.5 million visits.

The Louvre also features an iconic design replacing an old royal palace surrounded by 12th-century gardens .. Read more

Arc de Triomphe

Historical icons which are recommended to be included in any tourist program for Paris and the most amazing capture
Commemorative photos for her.

The Arc de Triomphe perpetuates victories and victims of a battle that Napoleon Bonaparte won over his enemies in the early 19th century, and is characterized by a remarkable design and an eternal flame associated with the change of the daily calendar by a specific hour since November 1923 .. Read more

Eiffel tower

The most famous tourist attractions in Paris that appear as the background of a number of pictures and artwork
Every soul who drew a tourist schedule for Paris is eager to visit.

The history of the iron tower, which rises to about 324 meters above the ground, for the year 1889, was
Created to celebrate the World Expo.

Now it is the most famous tourist attraction that provides a panoramic view of the city and its most important landmarks and attracts 7 million visitors / year within an unforgettable tourist program in Paris .. Read more

Concorde Square

The squares of Paris that witnessed the execution of the last king of France and the outbreak of the popular revolution that was founded
Of the great French Republic.

The history of the square, from which most of the main streets of Paris branch, dates back to the pre-16th century, and is famous for hosting the 3,200-year-old Egyptian obelisk, which has been drawn from Luxor Temple since the 19th century .. Read more

Where do you eat

you may
Eat your food in the upscale restaurant above the Eiffel Tower, or in many French restaurants
Surrounded by Concorde Square, from which we recommend the Caviar Caspian Sea Food Restaurant
And very well rated Arab tourists.

The location of the Caviar Caspian restaurant on the map from here

Day Two: Historic Paris Palaces

Elysee Palace

The historical palaces of France from the 18th century to the present time, although its popularity has doubled
The proclamation of the French Republic as the permanent headquarters of presidents and the birthplace of national celebrations and festivals
Until the year 2010.

The Republican Palace as a hotel owned by the Duchess of Bourbon before his confiscation with the repercussions of the revolution,
It is famous for its extensive British-style gardens on 2 hectares and its gateway
Iron, topped with the national symbol, gilded .. Read more

Garnier Palace

if you are
A fan of operas and operas, Garnier Palace will be a sure guest of
A tourist program in Paris prepares for your trip.

The astonishing history of the palace of the 19th century, specifically from 1861-1875, when 84 sculptors worked on it
Frenchman to appear in this great image, and the last frills were placed on him for the French sculptor
Russian Mark Chagall in 1964.

Now, with the passage of time, the mosaic palace is still intact, and fresh tones are emerging from it, for the most famous international teams. Read more.

Palace of Versailles

One of the most beautiful palaces that you will miss a lot if you did not see the visit among the most important features of a tourist program in Paris that you have prepared for yourself.

The establishment and expansion of the museum dates back to the era
King Louis 13 and his successors, making King Louis 16 and his wife the last of his inhabitants to be kings

The museum is famous for its royal holdings and wings and the multiplicity of its buildings that included gardens, opera, royal church, mirrors hall and a simulated complex of the French countryside .. Read more

Where do you eat

The surroundings of the Palace of Versailles is full of your last stop for today in Paris, with a number of high-end local, Arab and international restaurants, from which we recommend the Turkish Le Turkoys Restaurant with a high rating of Arab tourists.

Le Turquoise restaurant location on the map from here

Day 3: Paris museums

Is famous for
Paris has museums of culture, arts and entertainment, and this day deals with a tourist program in
Paris is the most important and famous for individuals and families and the most popular among Arab tourists.

Orsay Museum

Brilliant names on every Paris tourist schedule for art buffs
The plastic arts as one of the most famous and largest European museums in the field with holdings is appreciated
About 600 sculptures and 2000 paintings of the most famous 19 and 20 century artists.

The museum dates back to before 1990-1986, when it began its life as a train station before turning into a public museum for the public, receiving this number of art treasures, in addition to a number of fashion shows and cinematography.

The George Pompidou Center

Of the architectural, cultural and artistic features strongly present in every tourist program in Paris, the center features a unique and striking interior and exterior style and hosts exhibition halls of more than 100 pieces for artists of the 20th and 21st centuries, with events, cinematic shows and a huge library .. Read more

Paris Wax Museum

French is one of the many international entertainment museums that catches the eye of families
Old and young, the Paris Wax Museum has a very similar architectural heroine
Designing forests and Hindu temples, it also performs theatrical performances with 500 statues
Shimei is the most prominent figure in France and the world in terms of art, sport, politics and literature
Centuries 15 – 20.

The museum dates back to the year 1882, and it is one of the landmarks that still prove itself strongly in every tourist program for Paris until the present time .. Read more

Where do we eat?

Exhaust yourself in the search for a suitable restaurant during this day from a tourist program in Paris where it provides
The Georges Pompidou Center is a fine rooftop restaurant serving various food and beverages
With panoramic views of the city, you can also have a burger or American steak
It is a hard rock cafe recommended by Arab tourists.

Hard Rock Cafe Paris location on the map from here

Day 4: Paris parks

Paris with scenic royal gardens combining greenery with local and polarized roses
Among the countries of the world, which plays an important role in every tourist program in Paris as an outlet
Quiet in which visitors recover from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Trocadero Gardens

The gardens that represent real artwork you should plan to visit when drawing a tourist schedule for Paris

The lush 1930s garden is set against a prominent backdrop of the Eiffel Tower and overlooks the River Seine, and is characterized by its sculptures as the statues of Hercules and Apollo, alongside the Urasu basin with fountains, cannons and water arches totaling 66 units starting 4 to 12 meters high.

Seine River Tour

The most important natural sights to advise while planning a tourist program in Paris
, As the river stretches from its source in northern France for a length of 777 km, through the capital, Paris
Linking a group of its most important tourist attractions until its estuary by the English Channel.

Sailing through the proximity of the Trocadero Gardens to the west, we reach the Luxembourg Gardens and Palace.

Luxembourg Gardens

The most beautiful historical gardens and palaces of the early 17th century, which are strongly recommended
As one of the elements of the visit in a tourist program in Paris

Located on the right bank of Seine, between the Latin Quarter and Saint-Germain, the park is characterized by its lush greenery, pruned trees and a stunning majestic palace that overlooks an impressive artificial pond .. Read more

Botanical garden

One of the most beautiful attractions that every must
A family attached them to a tour schedule in their Paris, where
They can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere amid the wide swaths of plants
Flowering and tropical herbs away from the hustle and bustle of the French capital.

This is in addition to visiting several museums included in the park, such as the Natural History Museum and the mini zoo, which will inevitably be an attraction for children .. Read more

Where do you eat

you may
To start your day from the most beautiful tourist program in Paris with a popular halal breakfast at Jules Verne Restaurant
It is an 8-minute walk from Trocadero Gardens, while we recommend lunch at Le Restaurant
French luxury Tran Bleu is a 10-minute drive from the Botanical Garden, both
Great reviews from Arab visitors.

Jules Verne Restaurant location on the map from here

Fifth day: the most famous street in Paris

This day during a tourist program in Paris is a golden opportunity for photographers
Inquisitive tourists to explore the social history of Paris and how it was plagued by events

Pastel Square

A famous place to put it on top of a special Paris tourist program
Take you in the middle of your tours between the most famous neighborhoods and streets of Paris

The square used to host a political prison
Until the 1830s, when a revolt perpetuated and glorified it, and the prison made ruins and the square a place
It reminds him of the most important books of political history.

When visiting the square and taking pictures, do not forget to photograph that pillar that stands in the middle of it with a huge golden icon .. Read more

Marais district

Paris’s oldest and most demographically diverse neighborhood in terms of religion, ethnicity and cultures
And civilizations.

The neighborhood maintains its classic style from its narrow, cobbled alleys and its own boutiques
Colorful doors, in addition to its popular restaurants and cafes, and the antique buildings it contains
Ancient and ancient historical arenas, most notably the Vosges Square, which is characterized by its green surfaces
Its fountain and buildings are made of red brick.

Montmartre neighborhood

Inevitably distinct cultural and artistic development that you will place within the tourist program in
Your Paris, if you are a fan of fine arts, graffiti or photography.

Where the ancient neighborhood is characterized by its alleys
Paved with stones and painted and colored walls, along with its popular restaurants, etc.
It houses antique buildings such as the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, the Cathedral and Saint-Denis Metro Station
The deepest of its kind in Paris.

Latin Quarter

One of the historical and cultural neighborhoods that you should put in your Paris tourist program is if you are a fan of reading, as the Latin Quarter libraries contain hundreds of rare books and references that are very expensive, in addition to free books and novels available everywhere.

The classical antique stone-paved neighborhood is also famous for its number of monumental buildings, such as the famous Sorbonne University and the ancient Pantheon Monument .. Read more

Champs de alysee streest

One of the most famous streets of Paris and the commercial world
Which cannot be designed tourist schedule in Paris without going through it.

The street is distinguished by its terrible extension that connects the Place de la Concorde with the Arc de Triomphe.
It is a distance of mostly 3 kilometers.

It is also famous for its fashionable and fashionable stores with glass fronts and its elegant restaurants and cafes that make it vibrant day and night .. Read more

Where do you eat

if you are
One of the hobby of popular restaurants, you can find your place in the neighborhoods of Marais and Montmartre, either
If you are looking for fine meals and restaurants, you can find many of them on the street
Champs Elysees.

Day 6: An entertaining tour in the capital of beauty

We can say goodbye to Paris before we visit Disneyland, which grabs the attention of visitors
The city is big for adults before the kids, especially if your vacation is family oriented.

Paris Disneyland

Entertainingly integrated is the second largest in the world in terms of similarities and volume of visits after its copy
The original in Los Angeles, USA, since 1992, and covers an area of ​​30 km in the center of Paris.

If you are organizing a tourist program in Paris for the family, then your kids will relate to the place in terms of fun, photography and dancing with Walt Disney characters or staying in one of the 6 hotels that the resort has in addition to these delicious recreational characters

For you as adults, the resort provides various leisure activities such as golf courses and shopping areas .. Read more

Where do you eat

The Walt Disney Resort in Paris is filled with a number of international and varied fast food restaurants with a la carte buffets and menus, so you don’t need to exit the resort to find food.

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