The best tourist program in Turkey for 7 days

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Turkey is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world, with its rich history, breathtaking beauty and a varied tourist meal that satisfies all ages and tastes, ideal for individuals and families.

Where the Eurasian countries include a series of Roman archaeological sites, Byzantine churches, mosques and Ottoman forts, popular markets, with malls, various entertainment games cities, parks and parks, in addition to a series of pious beaches and stunning natural landscapes throughout the year.

As a contribution to narrowing your search for Turkey’s best tourist program that includes Turkey’s best tourist attractions and how to travel between its most famous cities, we have prepared this integrated report to serve as a guide for you on your trip.

Equipment for the best tourist program in Turkey

During this guide, we collected for you the most important tourist attractions in Turkey in a tourist program in Turkey for a period of 7 days with the most famous tourist cities, as we explain how to travel from the issuance of the visa and organizing a tourist trip to Turkey in detail to reach the best accommodations during the duration of the trip.

How to obtain a tourist trip visa to Turkey

The entry visa to Turkey for the purpose of tourism is the first of the most important steps that a person will take when thinking about traveling and setting up a tourist program in Turkey.

The Turkish government has, for several years, done what is known as an electronic visa, as an alternative to the stamped paper visa obtained through the country’s border crossings.

The application for obtaining the Turkish e-visa is submitted via the website of the Turkish embassy in your country 48 hours before the date of travel and the fees will be paid by your credit card or others.

The electronic visa gives you the right to reside in Turkey for the purpose of tourism or trade for a maximum of 90 days provided that your passport is valid for 60 days after the expiry of the date of residency, and to find out more about the conditions and how to obtain a Turkish visa for citizens of different countries and the most important questions and answers about traveling to Turkey Press here

Travel procedures on a trip to Turkey

After obtaining a tourist trip visa to Turkey comes the second most important step in setting a tourist program in Turkey, which is choosing your destination (city / airport) as well as the airline that will book and travel on its planes.

The Turkish Republic has 20 international and domestic airports, the most famous of which is Istanbul Ataturk International Airport, as it is the airport and the main operations center for Turkish Airlines, the leading and best in the field at the Asian and European level, so it is recommended to travel on its flights.

As for the prices of trips to Turkey, they vary according to the country of departure, place of residence, and internal transportation.

To learn about the advantages of Turkish Airlines and its most important services, and how they can help you complete the airport travel procedures easier and faster, you can click here.

Best accommodation while planning a tourist program for Turkey

Turkey is distinguished by a large group of high-end hotels and apartments and other accommodation options that suit different budgets and needs of hotel services and high-level forms of entertainment.

The link provides a comprehensive guide to the best hotels in Turkey that you can stay in while organizing a tourist trip in Turkey, according to the assessments of its previous visitors.

The best means of transportation when planning tourist programs in Turkey

Turkey is distinguished by its extensive and diversified network of transportation including:

Istanbul Metro, which includes 82 stations connecting the European and Asian sides of the city, is the fastest means of transportation for Istanbul to move between most of its attractions.

Sea ferries, and you can independence from several areas to move between the most important tourist cities of Turkey, especially as the country has 4 famous waterfronts.

Buses, and Turkey has a strong network that you can rely on to reach every inch of the big tourist country.

The best tourist program in Turkey 7 days

Through this guide, we offer you the best tourist program in Turkey in days by setting plans to visit the best cities and regions in it and the famous tourist attractions that attract the attention of tourists when planning a trip to Turkey as follows:

First day: Bosphorus Istanbul

Among all the tourist attractions in Turkey, we have chosen for you the most famous and attractive Bosphorus Istanbul for your visitors, which includes:

Galata Tower

The oldest and most famous Istanbul tower that was used as a fortress during the medieval period, is located north of the Golden Horn in a building of 9 floors and is one of the most important places that should be placed on top of the tourism program to your Turkey … Read more

Hagia Sophia Museum

It was originally a Byzantine church since the sixth century for a period of nearly a thousand years, before Muhammad al-Fateh converted it to an Ottoman mosque when it opened to Constantinople (Istanbul earlier) mid-15th century for 4 centuries, before Ataturk decided to convert it to the museum in the mid-thirties.

The museum is distinguished by its creative design and a collection of great religious motifs and holdings that made it one of the most important sites included in Turkey’s tourism programs … Read more

Girl’s horoscope

An octagonal tower that stands in the midst of the Bosphorus and provides panoramic views of Istanbul, dating back to the 12th century and revolves around it a group of interesting legends that make it one of the most important features of a tourist program for Turkey … Read more

Basilica Tank

A great underground construction explaining the mechanism of storing rainwater during the Byzantine era, it includes many huge ornate columns and an inverted Medusa head with pools of water during which dozens of fish swim, making it a wonderful recreational and archeological place recommended to visit during a tourist trip to Turkey … Read more


Cruises through the Bosphorus water or relaxing in recreation on its coast and hopes its bridges designed creatively sparkling with its night lights are among the most important activities that Istanbul visitors seek to put within tourist programs in Turkey … Read more

The second day: places of entertainment in Istanbul

One of the most famous recreational places and attract tourists from all over the world annually, so we chose for you:


One of the best places a tourist program in Turkey can accommodate for families, it is ideal for children who love attending dolphin shows and exotic whales and long for swimming with cute dolphins and taking great photos of them with … Read more

Bostanci Luna Park

One of the best gaming cities ideal for families with medium and limited budgets, located near the transportation means in Bostanci, and includes an impressive series of electronic games, riding tracks and hiking … Read more

Akmerkeyes Mall

One of the best and largest malls in Istanbul, Beşikş, which won international awards with an area of ​​180 thousand square meters, includes 240 diverse shops and two hotel towers with different forms of family entertainment, making it one of the recommended places to put it in a tourist program in Turkey … Read more

The third day: Istanbul markets

Istanbul markets are among the most attractive places for visitors, especially:

The Egyptian market Istanbul

Istanbul’s second largest and most popular market for selling spices, nuts, Turkish sweets, goldsmiths and traditional clothing.

And spices and herbs in the past came to it from India and Asia across the maritime borders that link Egypt with the Ottoman Empire and therefore it was called this name, and it is one of the best that you can visit when planning a tourist program for Turkey to market its traditional goods … Read more

Grand Bazaar Istanbul

Istanbul’s largest and oldest popular market in the Ottoman era, a covered market that sells valuable souvenirs of various shapes and ores, with traditional clothing and hand-made carpets, is one of the recommended places to be included in Turkey’s tourism programs … Read more

Fourth day: the beaches of Antalya

One of the best tourist places in Turkey at all, so we show you some of them:

Konyaalti Beach

The most popular beach in Antalya during the summer months thanks to its pleasant climate, cleanliness and charming beauty thanks to which it won several international awards, extends for a length of 10 km and is one of the best beaches that can be placed within a tourist program for Turkey .. Read more

Olympus Beach

One of the most pure beaches of Antalya, where it is distinguished by its clear waters that reveal its pebble located at a depth of 8 meters below the surface of the water, in addition to a number of archaeological sites that make it topping strongly Turkey’s tourism programs

Fifth day: Landmarks of Antalya

It is one of the best places for tourism in Antalya, so we chose for you:

old City

It bears the name of Kaleici, as well as its walls, gates, and the most famous of which are the Haredian Gate, with its lighthouse and ancient port. The fingerprints of successive civilizations that began from the era of the Romans to the Ottoman Empire.

Kaleici is located east of Antalya on the Mediterranean coast and is the best thing that a tourist visits during a trip to Turkey … Read more

Antalya Aquarium

The largest European fish tank and the best tourist attractions in Antalya that the tourist places at the head of a tourist program in Turkey for families, where children will be very happy to see a variety of water creatures polarized from all seas and oceans of the world swimming in about 7 million cubic liters of water … Read more

Day 6: Trabzon Natural Landmarks

Among the best places to visit in Trabzon, including:

Haider Nabi Resort

An area located at an altitude of 1600 meters and is characterized by its picturesque nature of green pastures, lakes and springs from which I created a tourist resort that attracts millions annually to organize tourist trips in Turkey … Read more

Chal Cave

The second longest cave in the world and one of the most beautiful landmarks of tourism in Turkey, Trabzon, specifically the hospitalization hospital, with its clean, comfortable air that extends within its corridors for a length of 8 km. More

Day 7: Trabzon monuments

When you visit one of the Trabzon monuments, you will be placed at the top of the following list of Arab travelers to Istanbul, so we will show you:

Sumela Monastery

A majestic historical monastery for building, drawing and design located at an altitude of 1200 meters in the village of Magka Trabzon and dates back to the fourth century, where it was founded by two priests, and is one of the oldest monuments recommended to be placed within a tourist program for Turkey … Read more

Sultan Murad Heights

One of the most important natural areas with a background and historical importance that always ranks on every tourist program in Turkey, the highlands that witnessed the first prayer of Sultan Murad VI when opening the city are distinguished by the thick fog that combines with its simple houses and green pastures that turn into a wonderful ski area every winter … Read more


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