Some tourism experts and locals describe the organization of a tourist schedule in Antalya as your vision of a charming bride from the many Mediterranean brides that give the picturesque beaches a freshness, buildings and museums archaeological prestige and majesty, recreational and natural attractions with a merry and vibrant beauty, markets decorations, renewal and splendor.

These striking flashes are just a way you can feel and enjoy seeing them through
Tourist programs in Antalya, we offer you the most important tourist attractions
In Antalya it is recommended to visit in a few days.

Accommodation options when organizing a tourist program in Antalya

There are many options for accommodation in Antalya and vary according to the categories of visitors and their budgets. The following link explains a group of the best housing options in Antalya between hotels, furnished apartments, chalets and youth hostels recommended by Arab tourists .. Read more

The best tourist program in Antalya within 3 days

With dozens of monuments, natural and recreational places that put you at a loss, we have made a tourist schedule in Antalya with the best, most important and most visited 3-day trip that is like 3 days in Paradise.

The first day: a tour between the most beautiful beaches of Antalya

Antalya is famous for its charming views of the Mediterranean, which has made its beaches a safe haven for tourists from its hot summer sun, and its attractions and water activities are a main tourist attraction when setting a tourist program in Turkey.

Konyaalti Beach

The most famous, cleanest and most charming beaches of Antalya for local and foreign tourists when developing an tourist program in Antalya during the summer season, where the beach is characterized by a special charm and a wonderful view of the western coast of the Mediterranean Sea with a length of 7 km in addition to the beauty of its coarse sand and crystal waters with a wonderful mountain background .. Read More

Beach Park

Recommended places for families, whether locals or foreign visitors, when setting a tourist schedule in Antalya, where they can enjoy a wonderful family session and eat prepared food
Home or purchased from a nearby restaurant facing the stunning sea water
Trees and greenery while children enjoy some small games in the area
Their fun.

Antalya Aquarium

The largest aquarium in the world extends up to approximately 130 meters and is filled with about 7 million cubic meters of water that includes hundreds of species of rare and exotic fish. When you put the aquarium as one of your main attractions during the implementation of the tourist schedule in Antalya, you can enjoy more than 40 water shows for these creatures and swim together. Or visit the snow world and see giant figures of natural snow and other recreational activities .. Read more

Mini City

One of the most important places that you can put within the tourism programs in Antalya, where you can watch hundreds of solids carefully prepared for the most important tourist attractions in Antalya and Turkey in general, so you know what you are going to visit during your trip or maybe you visited him and got to know him while you are in your place through a small stereoscope … It is a mythical place for family and children visits!

Where do you eat

We recommend a varied sea meal with delicious local appetizers and desserts in Arma restaurant, which is very well rated by Arab tourists. The restaurant also offers outdoor sessions and sea views.

Armagh Antalya Restaurant location on the map: click here

The second day: a tour between the most important historical and natural regions of Antalya

Besides its charming beaches, Antalya is packed with a number of natural areas and historical attractions that your curiosity prompts you to explore and explore the city’s precious history.

Kurşunlu Waterfall

For everyone who loves to stroll among the stunning landscapes, head to the northeast of the city, and 20 km from it lies the wonderful waterfall that stems from the heart of the stones amid hundreds of wild trees, such as laurel, bamboo, beech, willow, thyme and olives, to ultimately flow into the scenic Oksu pure river, the place is ideal For walks, rides and camels while developing a tourist program in Antalya, Turkey .. Read more

Dudin Waterfall

The most beautiful
The waterfalls of Antalya, the most famous and the most popular among tourists, because of the scenic view it provides
Seeing it during a cruise or by touching it closely, where the waterfall springs from the stones in a scene
Majestic and ends up in the waters of the Mediterranean, with a height ranging from 22 – 40 meters.

worthy of
Noting that the waterfall is the most popular place for tourists to set a schedule
Tourist in charming picturesque Antalya is divided into two regions: upstream and the sea estuary.

Antalya Museum

You must pass by when setting a tourist schedule for the city of Antalya, where you can get to know
On the ancient history of the city through 5,000 artifacts from all ages
Spread over 13 open halls and galleries in one of Turkey’s largest museums with an area of ​​up to 7
Thousands square meters.

Kaleici or old Antalya

Many of us have heard of the Haredian Gate, which has gained great international fame without realizing it
Part of dozens of Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman monuments that distinguished Turkey
In general, Antalya in Kaleici or its old town.

Be surrounded
The city is characterized by strong walls, distinguished by the architecture, overlooking the sea, with a small and ancient Ottoman port
And a popular market.

Really one of the places that you must include by visiting during the implementation of the tourist programs developed in Antalya to know practically the history of the ancient city.

Where do you eat

you may
At the end of your day, have a seafood meal or a few grilled steaks at the Grand Restaurant
Friends who got an excellent rating from the Arab tourists.

as such
The old town surrounding is filled with pizza and fast food restaurants that are rated
It is high among Arab tourists.

The third day: visiting the best markets of Antalya

Is famous for
Antalya includes many wonderful and modern shopping centers and areas, the smallest of which is competing
Istanbul markets and its giant malls, and these malls offer some of the most famous brands that guarantee you
Unforgettable shopping tour.

Tera City Mall

The latest
The most strongly recommended Antalya malls, which are recommended to visit when setting a tourist schedule in Antalya

The mole has a carrying capacity of
150 stores and food halls that can accommodate up to 850 people, and display products you may not find in markets
Other Antalya, aside.

The mall is in Lara district, less than a mile away
From 20 minutes to the beach, 3 minutes to the Shi Mall.

She mall

Small compared to other Antalya malls, but you can find the finest brands
Turkish and international fashion with different models, you may not have a chance to buy it from She Mall.

Is formed
The 4-storey mall has around 70 small outlets for world famous brands Clackost, Polo and Nike
Calvin Klein and others, located in Lara, 20 minutes from the beach.

Depo Mall, Antalya

and he
The last thing you can visit before you say “Bay by Antalya” where the mall is located in
The road to Antalya International Airport passes through the famous commercial Alanya region.

The mall, with 90 outlets, sells products from various world famous and local brands
The level, and you can consider it the latest in the best tourist program
In Antalya

Where do you eat

She Mall and Terra City Mall are a food court with dozens of local and international restaurants
Serving a variety of meals, while Dibo Mall houses the most popular pastry shops
in Turkey.

Tourist schedule in Antalya during the winter season

I came across a visit to Antalya during the winter with snow and freezing temperatures farther away
From the heat of the summer sun, which some do not prefer, the chances of your visiting the best beaches of Antalya diminish
However, you can replace it with one of the two places listed below, depending on your nature and purpose
From visiting and traveling with you.

Saklikent Resort

and he
An ideal place to include a tourist program in Antalya
You loved the adventure, and you chose your friends or bride to accompany you during the trip.

The resort is a high mountainous area
With an altitude of more than 2500 meters above sea level, it is covered with snow in winter and becomes a spot
Ideal for snowboarding adventurers.


Olympus Cable Car

and he
A perfect activity for the family and children within many activities that you can do with the family
When developing tourist programs in Antalya

With a cable car, your family can enjoy a panoramic view of a mountain and beach
Roman Olympus named up to the top of Mount Hatley, snow-capped during a trip
It is only 10 minutes away from the dangers of skiing for children, the elderly and the weak in structure.

Where do you eat?

Saklikent Resort is an elegant restaurant
It offers delicious cuisine with panoramic views of the iceberg.

In the event of your independence to the Olympus cable car, you will find on the top of the mountain, where your departure station is a restaurant and a coffee shop to meet your needs before or after the trip.

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