The best tourist schedule in London for 4 days

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It was said in London: “If you bored London, you are bored with life.” She is the beautiful woman who has a shy sun until the title: “the capital of fog” has become a corollary to her, but if she is determined to visit it, she has many suns to shine on you, as she reflects on her landmarks and streets and a deep history that appears in every corner of the city.

London, the capital, is a large and sprawling city, and it contains many of the landmarks that need to be organized in a clear and detailed tourist schedule in London.

We have specially prepared a tourist program in London to spend the best times there.

Accommodation options during the program:

The options for accommodation in the British capital vary between multiple-rated hotels and hotel apartments, and we have recommended a number of the best and most beautiful accommodations in London in this more

The best tourist schedule in London for 4 days

4 days are full of London’s most beautiful surprises that we have collected in packages to make it easier for you to roam and enjoy.

The first day: a tour of the most famous landmarks of London

The start of a tourist program in London will start with its most famous icons, whose name is now associated with the name of the city and a function of it.

Westminster Palace

Also known as the House of Parliament, it is one of the largest buildings of parliaments in the world, built in the Gothic style and dates back to the nineteenth century.

The building is a true architectural masterpiece, it is nice to start your tour with it, and it also provides you with a number of activities .. Read more

Big Ben

The most famous and largest hour in the world, with a height of approximately 106 m, and the golden bell weighing 14 tons every quarter an hour, is located near the Parliament House and provides you with the most beautiful memorial photos to take, as adjacent to the beautifully beautiful Victoria Gardens, which it is pleasant to stroll .. Read more

Buckingham Palace

One of the distinctive sights to visit during a tourist program in London, you can spend a lot of time in its luxurious lounges open to visitors and see the Queen’s exhibits of jewelry, textiles, arts and treasures.

Outside the museum, you should see the lounges in which the official ceremonies are held, and the stables of the queen that contain the gilt carriages .. Read more

London Wheel

Among the distinctive attractions that offer a stunning panoramic view of London through 32 vehicles spinning at an altitude of 132 meters during a half-hour more ..

River cruise on the Thames

After enjoying the scenery from altitude, it is time to relax with an enjoyable trip with one of the tourist boats that are being rented on a tour of the Thames River, where you can see the famous Tower of London, and you can also visit the “Belfast” destroying warship that is permanently docked after being referred for retirement and its decks. The five are museums for commoners.

Where do you eat?

Westminster has a range of unique restaurants that you can make one of your lunch break stops, such as The Cinnamon Club Indian Restaurant, or you can head to the nearby Edgware Road, which includes many Arab restaurants and halal restaurants.

Day two: Visiting the London museums

On your second day in the British capital, we recommend the most important museums in London that cannot be missed

London Wax Museum

Among the museums that you will listen to visit, as it includes semi-wax sculptures identical to famous political, artistic and literary figures prominent, the museum contains many sections, including the Museum of Terror, and the dome of heaven with amazing influences, do not miss any of them .. Read more

British Museum London

It is one of the largest museums in the United Kingdom, was established in the seventeenth century and includes exhibits from all ages and for many civilizations such as the Egyptian, Assyrian and other peoples, as well as different distinct sections, visitors can enter for free .. Read more

London Natural History Museum

Another museum you should not miss and put on a tour schedule in London is the Natural History Museum, which includes exhibits on botany, minerals, insects, fossils, and zoology. You can see the remains of dinosaurs and other exciting things .. Read more

Victoria and Albert Museum

One of the most beautiful museums that you can visit. The museum’s holdings include various exhibits from many historical eras dating back more than 4 thousand years and from various civilizations such as the civilization of the Indian continent, China, Japan, Korea and the Islamic world .. Read more

Where do you eat?

There are many restaurants near the previous museums, and we recommend the Nando’s Baker Street, which specializes in chicken grills, and it is a distinguished family restaurant.

Nadoo’s Baker Street restaurant location on the map: click here

Day 3: Family entertainment tour in London

Whether you are traveling with family or friends, the following places will make you spend the most enjoyable time ..

London Zoo

A unique zoo to be the start of a third-day tourist program in London, which includes dozens of species of wild animals and birds such as black eagles, king eagle, military parrots, eastern otters and many other rare animals .. Read more

Regent’s Park

After your tour of the zoo, you will be in one of the most beautiful parks in London, Regent Park, it is more than just a park with natural beauty, as it includes a number of attractions such as rare plants, children’s playgrounds, an open-air theater of various shows and many more .. Read more

London Hyde Park

Among the most famous and largest royal gardens in London, which gained international fame, and apart from its beauty, it includes distinctive corners in its corners such as the Speakers Corner, Princess Diana Memorial, and the corner of rare plants and trees upside down and others .. Read more

London Aquarium

Not far from Hyde Park, the London Aquarium is 15 minutes’ drive away, and it is one of the largest aquariums in Europe that offer aquatic life, a great place to end your tour for the third day in London .. Read more

Where do you eat?

One of the nearby restaurants that we recommend during your third day tour is the Roti Gay Indian Restaurant, which is an excellent restaurant with excellent Arabic reviews, close to Hyde Park.

Rooty Gay Indian Restaurant location on the map: click here

Fourth day: a tour of the streets of London

On the last day of your trip to London, you should visit the most famous streets, which include distinctive trading and many popular markets

Edgware Street

Or what is called the Arab Street, a place that brings together a mixture of cultures that is evident in every corner, except that the Arab character is overwhelming everywhere, where you will find shops with Arabic signs, and you will hear store owners greet you with different Arabic dialects. You can enjoy a morning meal with an oriental flavor, shop in its many stores, and many other activities … read more

Oxford Street

At the end of Arab Street, you find Oxford Street, the famous British street, the most famous street in Europe as a whole, extending over a distance of 2 kilometers with more than 300 stores that make shopping an endless pleasure, as there are luxury brands of clothing, modern technology products, etc., as well as London cafes can be enjoyed in this neighborhood. Read more

Piccadilly Circus

It is not possible to end a tourist schedule in London without visiting the famous square “Piccadilly” as it is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the capital, and it is located at the end of the famous fashion and fashion street “Regent Street” characterized by its huge illuminated billboards, and it contains many stores, cinemas, theaters and restaurants of an English character more

Where do you eat?

On Edgware Road you will find many dining options, especially Arabic restaurants, Indian restaurants, etc. including halal restaurants, so we advise you to make it your destination for a meal break on this day.

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