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A tour guide about experiences and comparisons of the best travel destinations in the month of April, such as Germany, Egypt, Algeria, Malaysia and other ancient cities, dazzling beaches, charming natural places in addition to all the recreational activities suitable for different budgets to enjoy an unforgettable trip on the website of Arab travelers.

Top April travel destination:

The month of April is one of the best months ever to take a tour, as it is the best time to travel, whether with family or with friends in a comfortable spring atmosphere, amid the picturesque nature and the many tourism activities that take place in this month.
Tourism in April is much better than summer, because the temperature in it is very appropriate, and here are the best tourist destinations that you have to visit in this charming month.

Egypt, where charming beaches and ancient ruins:

Tourism in Egypt in April is very impressive, especially if you love beaches, sunbathing, surfing and exploring coral reefs, and the country is usually not crowded in this month as it crowded in summer, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a calm atmosphere on the beaches comfortably .
Egypt is an excellent tourist destination for a family trip or a trip with friends at very reasonable prices.

Activities that can be done in Egypt:

  • If you are a fan of family tourism, you should visit Cairo, the capital of Egypt or Alexandria, where you will find many picturesque parks, shopping malls to purchase different needs, or restaurants that will dazzle you with its varied world food.
  • If you are a fan of the scenic nature and coastal beaches, do not hesitate to book a room in a hotel or an integrated tourist resort in Sharm El Sheikh or Hurghada, and this will be great in the month of April before the high prices of hotels in the summer.
  • You can get unforgettable views of the sea directly if you stay in luxury hotels overlooking the sea, and many resorts provide excellent services such as free main dishes, massage and physiotherapy centers and sauna, where in Egypt there is the largest excellent spa centers around the world.

India, where the charm of nature and its busy cities:

Despite the gradual increase in temperatures in India, and the occurrence of heavy rains in some days of April, but it is the best time to visit the town, in order to enjoy the wonderful sun and beautiful beaches.
The country of India is considered one of the best tourist destinations with a reasonable price for all budgets, and it is suitable for families and youth tourism.

What you can do in India:

  • If you are a fan of strolling the popular markets, and buying cheap clothes, India is one of the most suitable shopping tourism destinations for families.
  • You can get off at Goa State hotels, which have very clean charming beaches, and many wonderful modern resorts, which makes it the best honeymoon destination in India.
  • Do not forget to take the most beautiful memorial pictures in India, as you will find many beautiful waterfalls, fresh lakes, and dense forests especially in Kerala, in all parts of India.
  • It is preferable to book a hotel before traveling to India, as it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all parts of the world, and it is the best destination for a memorable vacation with little money and effort.

Oman, where tranquility and beauty of nature:

Tourism in the Sultanate of Oman is one of the best destinations in the Arabian Peninsula for tourism in the month of April, and you will find many wonderful places that represent a great diversity in the activities and entertainment programs it offers.

  • Although it is hot in the month of April in the Arabian Peninsula, but this does not affect them much, it is known for its desert climate throughout the year, and it contains many archeological sites and tourist places that will never tire of it.
  • Despite the high temperature, you will find many fully air-conditioned lounges, which include the most beautiful and beautiful natural places in the Sultanate of Oman.

Algeria, where the charm of wild and marine nature:

Tourism in Algeria is considered a wonderful climate throughout the year, and the travel costs are low and at the same time it is not crowded with its comparison with Morocco and Tunisia.

What can you do in Algeria:

  • Book a hotel in the capital of the country, as it is one of the most beautiful areas in it, which enjoys all the dreams of tourists from dazzling beaches, and its views are stunning and at the same time it is full of archaeological museums, ancient buildings, malls, picturesque gardens, international cafes and restaurants that are the most beautiful Algerian and international dishes.
  • Do not hesitate to visit the city of El-Kala, which is one of the most beautiful natural reserves around the world.
  • Take part in exploratory tours around the world to the cities on the coast, such as Bejaia, Skikda, and other natural beauty cities.
  • You can visit the city of Tipaza, which is located an hour away from the country’s capital, which is very impressive, as it includes many ancient archeological sites that embody the dazzling history of Algeria and the resistance of Algeria to the occupation and express the valor of this ancient people.
  • Visiting Algeria in the spring is a great idea to take advantage of the great competition between hotels in terms of room rates when compared to summer.

Germany is the heart of the beating world:

If you want a tourist destination with a cold climate in the spring, specifically in April, the temperature in Germany is 10 degrees Celsius, and museums and tourist places are not crowded at this time of the year, and it also gives you an opportunity to enjoy the natural charm of the spring in Germany .
Do not hesitate to visit Germany as it is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Europe, which is suitable for family tourism and touring with friends.

What can you do in Germany:

  • Book a room or suite in the famous Berlin hotels, which are located in the middle of the city, allowing you to learn better about Berlin, Germany’s capital, and visit many tourist destinations in it, including museums, parks, commercial centers, and the best cafes and restaurants. Concerts and fun activities in the city throughout the year.
  • You can enjoy the dazzling spring atmosphere in the resorts in the south of the country, especially around Munich, where you will find many villages with a green nature and a mild climate.
  • You can visit the city of Baden-Baden, which is one of the most important therapeutic areas in the continent of Europe at all, where the city includes many health resorts and springs with blessed water and at the same time you will have the opportunity to relax your nerves in the dazzling nature.
  • Traveling to Germany for tourism in April gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the right hotel prices before they rise in the summer.

Malaysia to make the most beautiful memories and take the most beautiful pictures:

The nature of the climate in Malaysia in April is a lot of rain, but the weather is good and it contains many tourist attractions.
Malaysia has many tourist cities that you should visit at any time of the year.
The city is one of the cities with affordable prices for everyone, when compared to the rest of the cities in Asia, it is suitable for families and tourism with friends and enjoys a huge diversity in recreational activities.

What can be done in Malaysia:

  • You can go down to the capital’s Kuala Lumpur hotels, as this will enable you to see the ancient monuments and shopping in the malls of the capital and wander around the huge gardens, and it provides many recreational activities suitable for adults and children.
  • Malaysia is one of the most famous countries with a rich history that is witnessed by the monuments that are still immortal to this day, so do not miss to visit Jog Town and Kota Kina Palu, as it contains many archeological and religious places, restaurants, wonderful local artifacts and luxurious cafes.
  • The most important characteristic of Malaysia is the ease of obtaining a travel visa, and the ease of moving from one city to another without paying a lot of money on transportation.




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