A directory of the names of the best Turkish baths in Taksim, mixed Turkish baths is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the state of Turkey at the present time, as it has become the focus of attention of many tourists from all countries of the world, and Turkish baths were created in the past for relaxation and recreation, and they lurk The number of Turkish baths in the past has exceeded fourteen thousand baths, but 155 baths were not allocated to the general public, while the rest of the Turkish baths were allocated to sultans and kings.

Best Turkish baths in Taksim:

1- Chamberlet bathroom:

This bathroom is one of the historical baths, whose construction dates back to the old Ottoman era, and this bathroom enjoys the old Ottoman domes and decorations that you will not see the same as it was built by the famous architect Sinan.
As for the experience that you will undergo in this bathroom, it is an exciting and refreshing experience, as you can renew your youth and restore your luster and beauty in this bathroom. The bathroom provides you with a choice between self-service, traditional service or massage and massage service.
We advise you to choose a sunny day in order to take your bath and then sit in the courtyard from which the sun rays over the domes. You can also have a cup of delicious Turkish tea to the tune of old Turkish music.

2- Kayal Willow bath:

This bathroom is the last bathroom that was built in the Ottoman era, and it is one of the largest baths in Turkey, and it was chosen as one of the best places that you should visit even once in your life.
You can enjoy the massage sessions provided in this bathroom in order to get rid of pain and relaxation, and you can also enjoy the cleaning service provided by the bathroom.
After that, you can relax and rest in the bathroom yard while eating Turkish drinks that are served, but if you want to get Turkish products for skin and hair care, you can buy them from the bathroom as well.
The bathroom also provides a number of services, as the bathroom has an outdoor garden that offers a number of Turkish meals and grills, meaning that it is an entertainment day.

3- Galatasaray Bath:

It is one of the traditional Turkish baths, which has been restored and opened again, as it contained a number of new sections such as the Jamaican, which is one of the places that have been dedicated to changing clothes, and all the interior walls of the bathroom were covered with porcelain.
The bathroom includes a large number of sections inside it, such as the cold section, and the bagging section, the hot section, as well as it has two rooms that have been covered with a large dome, and you can enjoy the bagging sessions and massage sessions provided by the bathroom, as there are a large number of distinctive restaurants beside the bathroom in order to enjoy a meal Hot food after the bath

4- Husky Horm Sultan:

If you are a luxury fan then you should visit this bathroom, which has been completely covered with luxurious marble, and its soap bowl is required for precious gold. As for bathroom towels, they are made of silk and cotton fabric, and this bathroom offers a very special care to all visitors.
There are also 2 swimming pools, one is cold and the other is hot, and you can do swimming before you take your bath.

5- Bath Hagia Sophia:

Hagia Sophia is also one of the most luxurious baths in Turkey, but it is also very crowded with visitors, as there is no one in Turkey but it is preferable to go to this bath.

6- Fayrouz Agha bathroom:

It is one of the ancient Turkish baths, which allows you to have a unique experience of the old Turkish bath, as it is one of the very simple bathrooms in its designs, but there is a large group of visitors of all nationalities who are keen to visit it because of its enjoyment of the old Ottoman form.

Turkish bath features:

Although cleaning, skin care, and beauty methods have become available to everyone in the home, visiting a Turkish bath has many advantages that are indispensable for women, and among these are the following:
1-You can get a state of relaxation and special relaxation that you will not be able to get until after you do a massage session for the Turkish bath.
2-You can go back to the time of the ancient Turks and Ottomans, where there are old wooden clogs, a cyst and a coarse fiber and pieces of cloth that are wrapped on the body.
3- The duration of the shower is up to two hours, which allows you to replenish the skin cells and stimulate blood circulation, since after the bath you can lie on the hot marble, which relieves your body of moisture and laziness.
4- You can get rid of dead skin and skin appendages through the Moroccan bath and make cysts.
Therefore, dear reader, do not miss the opportunity to go to one of the old Turkish baths in order to take a rest and recuperate and have a day of entertainment among the Turkish baths.

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