Tourism in Turkey has always been a pioneer in attracting tourists from all sides towards its magnificent country, which is rich in culture and beauty enough to entice most people to visit it.

Tourism in Istanbul was not satisfied with this degree of success, but it surprised many annually with many tourist areas in the new Istanbul and recent developments that increase the chances of increasing it more and more. Information about each beach and where exactly it is located.

Best hotels in Istanbul

In order to attract the largest possible number of visitors and tourists to the wonderful city of Istanbul, many hotels have been created and modernized to meet the desires of all guests, you may find yourself bewildered among the luxury Istanbul hotels, for this we have compiled a list of the best Istanbul hotels in Turkey via this link .. Read more

Beach for women in Istanbul

The most beautiful women’s beach in Istanbul

On the land of Istanbul, people from all over the world, especially from the Arab world, who visit this city, meet a desire to explore its ancient Islamic landmarks. In order to provide the highest comfort and privacy, the city has allocated 3 of the wonderful beaches of Istanbul to women in order to give them a high degree of privacy, either for the veiled or for any woman who wants to spend quiet times on the sea without any inconvenience to mention.

In this article, you will learn about 3 beaches in Istanbul that are reserved for women.

Saiyer Tuncom Beach

It is a beach for women in Istanbul that gives women a wide opportunity to swim and stroll on the wonderful sand of the beach or relax and lie in the warm sunlight completely freely, as all beach staff and supervisors are female. On the other hand, Sarıyer Altınkum allows mothers to bring their children under the age of ten, while it provides many facilities such as locker rooms, showers, chairs, tables and parasols.

Opening times and entry prices

Daily including Saturday, Sunday, public holidays and holidays.

Entry of women for 30 TL.

Children from the age of seven to ten enter 10 TL.

Free entry for children under seven years of age.

Women's beach in Istanbul

Floria Minci Beach

Florya Menekşe Beach is the most beautiful and popular beach in Istanbul, characterized by its pure water and always available services. Florya Minecchi Beach is located in the Florya region, which enjoys a great location on the shores of the Sea of ​​Marmara. The beach has set aside plenty of space for women to spend quiet times in a privacy-filled atmosphere.

Beach for women in Istanbul

Boiraz Koi Beach

It is a beach for women in Istanbul located in the north of Istanbul in the region of Beykoz and Poyrazköy beach is very popular with most women due to its location near the city and its charming pure water and comprehensive services provided from the female staff only, to its various facilities and services, In addition to his medical and rescue teams.

Women's beach in Istanbul

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