The cabarets in Sri Lanka .. Sri Lanka is considered one of the most beautiful tourist destinations, because it provides an impressive array of entertainment places, and Arab travelers give you the best cabarets in Sri Lanka.

The cabarets in Sri Lanka ..

The cabarets in Sri Lanka ..The cabarets in Sri Lanka .. Sri Lanka is a distinct destination for explorers who love beautiful natural areas that still preserve their beauty t not spoiled by the human hand and from H are the tourist places with cabarets that enable you to spend enjoyable times with your family and friends and do not worry because the people speak English besides Sinhalese Tamil and they can help at any time.

Find out the best times to visit Sri Lanka ..

Find out the best times to visit Sri Lanka ..Know the best times to visit Sri Lanka..Dear tourist The weather in Sri Lanka varies from one region to another, for example, we find coasts with high temperatures in the summer in spite of the coldest areas in Kornalia and Kandy most of the year and so you have to take your precautions and advise you to travel in the period From December to February until you get away from hot weather.

Leisure World Water Park “.. the best theme park in Sri Lanka ..

Leisure World Water Park ..“Leisure World Water Park” .. It was opened in 2007 AD Despite that it gained wide fame and became one of the most important cabarets in Sri Lanka and many tourists and locals go to enjoy their time, it is located between Bento and Noralia In the area of ​​Avissawella, about 40 kilometers from the capital, it is an integrated city where many games are divided into two parts, water games and regular games. We advise you to visit them when you reside in the capital Colombo or when passing through the Bentota road and do not go to it dear tourist in the rainy season Because most games are closed at that time, activities you can do In the city of cabarets .. – Water games, such as slides of different sizes, must be tried to suit young and old, and your children will certainly spend fun times playing with them so you cannot miss memorial photos of these moments. – Swimming pools with different depths. – Small boats with water for you to experience riding. And rowing in them. Also, there are games in the cabaret that usually appeal to fans of adventure, such as the air ship, air planes, and collision cars. Questions and do not miss my dear tourists visiting the dedicated wildlife are comprised of different types of birds and animals beautiful colorful Kalkarod region and beauty and also marine organisms such as fish and turtles when they feel hungry and eat a meal from a Sri Lankan stalls Balmlahy.

“George Guruge Nature Theme Park” .. Sri Lanka’s best water theme park ..

  George Guruge Nature Theme Park ..George Goruge Nature Club .. considered to be the first amusement park in Sri Lanka, and the cabarets are distinguished by their wonderful water games as they are one of the best water parks in Sri Lanka along with their great history because they are interested in the history of the country since 547 BC until now then you should visit it dear tourist to be able to do various activities, Cabarets operate from nine in the morning until six in the evening throughout the year. Activities you can do in George cabaret .. – Jurassic, dinosaurs ruled the earth millions of years ago, so it is interesting to know this lost world, especially if you love adventure, depends This part of a For cabarets on the way of displaying the lifestyle of the time, such as the offerings of Terranosaurus and Velociraptors and the offers of giants such as alamosaurus where the wonderful atmosphere, voices and blood .– Veddah’s Village, this part of the best places in the cabaret and depends on the representation of the life of Veddah’s village, the local people of Sri Lanka in the past and History says that they are the grandchildren of Prince Vijaya, the founder of the Sinhalese nation, tenth of Veddah’s for hunting, so they used arrows made of stones to hunt animals and also bows and lived in caves and hunted animals for food only, so they did not harm nature as our time and also feed on plants and honey And this part of the cabaret is interested in clarifying all the information about these people .– White Peacock, dear tourist, you can’t miss watching the white peacock and taking the smiling pictures next to it .– Saradials’s Train Ride, you have to get on the train to get to know the history of the legendary Saradial and he was one of the rebels against colonialism British and we assure you that you will do a unique experience.

“Victoria theme park and park” .. Best amusement park in Sri Lanka

"Victoria“Victoria theme park and park” .. Victoria Park is not just a park but also an amusement park due to its availability of many games and recreational activities that suit adults and children, it is a public park located in Noralia, Sri Lanka and is characterized by its large area that reaches 11 hectares and goes to it Large numbers of tourists, up to 200 visitors a year, from tourists and locals, especially on holidays, because it is the best amusement park in Sri Lanka for children. Activities you can do in Victoria Noralia .. You must take a walk around to enjoy the beautiful nature where the huge trees and the open air and Of course you have to play a game Football with your children or friends. As for sports lovers, you can play tennis or run, compete and walk long distances around the river in the paths designated for that. And bird lovers have to go to see rare birds of all kinds and monitor them and take memorial photos next to them. There are also private clubs for children. It has games to suit their ages and we assure you that they will spend time playing and having fun. When you feel tired, you can relax and eat iced tea alongside a meal of local dishes while relaxing on the grass in front of the river. We recommend that you buy souvenirs from the stores there. Funfair at work at seven in the morning till seven o’clock.

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