The capital of Morris Island

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Morris Island

Morris Island is located in the Indian Ocean, on the southeastern side of Africa’s beaches, approximately 2000 meters, and on the eastern side of Madagascar, and on the north is Tropic of Capricorn, and this island has wonderful terrain; abundant white sandy beaches, high mountain ranges, and a lot of The caves and bays scattered from the north, east and west, and although they belong to Africa geographically, they are very affected by the French, British, and Indian ties and most of their inhabitants are workers who came to them.

The reason for naming Morris Island

The secret of the strength and unity of the island of Morris lies in the cultural diversity away from sectarianism and nervousness, and this name was named after the Dutch Prince (Morris), who is the Emir of the Nassau region, and that was during the Dutch invasion of the island, and due to the beauty and strategic location of the island, it was coveted by many who controlled it.

France took control of it and its name: the French island, then the British invaded it and came to the peoples of India, so the island became a population mixture for everyone who conquered and controlled it, and despite this population and cultural diversity in it, all of these cultures blended with each other.

A brief history of Morris Island

The island enjoys a strategic location different from other islands, which made it coveted by many countries, and the first to come to the island are the Portuguese, and that was during the early sixteenth century in the year 1510 AD, where they went for recreation and when they saw its beauty the island became a haven for them, and in the year 1598 AD seized by the Dutch, and inserted deer and sugar cane, and in the year 1710 AD the French took control of them and expelled the Dutch from them who developed the island, where they built the port of Port Louis, and trade flourished of all kinds.

In 1810 AD, the British took control of them when they were coming from the Cape of Good Hope towards India, and it became a British colony in 1814 AD, and in 1968 AD the island became independent from Britain, and it became an African island with a French, British, Indian, and Dutch character.

The capital of Morris Island

The capital of Morris Island is Port Louis, located in the northwestern part of the island, surrounded by mountains on all sides, and it is the largest area of ​​the island despite the small population. By day, the city looks like any modern city full of crowding, crowded and traffic, and various commercial activities, but at night it becomes very quiet, as if it is devoid of population.

In the city there is a Muslim neighborhood near Muammar Gaddafi Square, there is Chinatown Square, and the city is small in size and one can walk around on foot.

Landmarks of the capital, Port Louis

The Capital Market is considered one of the most suitable places where the visitor feels that he is located in the city, where he is in the city center, and it contains a section for meat and fish, a section for vegetables and fruits, a section for gifts and handicrafts, a spice section, and a clothing section, and near the market there is a historical museum that returns For the seventeenth century AD, it contains stuffed, rare, and stuffed things like: Dodo bath, as well as some fish, animals, and birds.

There is a mosque in the market, Juma, dating back to the eighteenth century in the Chinese Square, as well as the British Castle, and the Perevall shrine on the eastern side of the city, in addition to the Royal Patonic Gardens.


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