The capital of the Maldives

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the moldive Islands

It was named in the past as Mahalib and Dhibat Al-Mahal, but today it is officially called the Republic of Maldives, which are small islands belonging to the continent of Asia and located in the Indian Ocean, which is an Islamic republic that crosses the equator in its southern side, and its land area is 71.740 thousand km2, or 119 miles, Its system of government is republican, and its current constitution was promulgated in 2008 AD on the seventh day of August, and Maldives is divided administratively into twenty-six atolls, and it has a thousand and one hundred and ninety coral islands consisting of dirt barriers and living coral cracks, and its climate is affected greatly by the Indian Ocean, A year before its independence 1965 AD was Britain, where protected Maldives ruled by Britain Seventy-eight years, and in 1982 AD Maldives joined Alcolminolt countries and became a member of the official and taught her is Alrovan Maldivian symbolized by the RF, and its economy depends on coral, tourism, fish, and resorts.

The capital of the Maldives

The capital of the Maldives is the city of Mali, which is one of its largest cities, with a land area of ​​about 1.77 km2, and its population is about a third of the population of the Maldives, and Male is considered a center for the vital and important state buildings, and a center for government as the rest of the islands depend on.

Residents of the Maldives

The population of the Maldives reached about two hundred thousand in 1978 AD, but in 2007 AD its population reached three hundred thousand people, and the official language spoken by the population is the Dhivehi language that includes many Arab vocabulary, and most of the population condemns the Islamic religion, which is the official religion in the islands .


The flag of the Maldives consists of three components:

  • The red frame indicates the work, the blood of the martyrs, the dedication and the grandfather.
  • The green rectangle denotes Islam, peace, palms, and optimism.
  • The crescent that denotes the official Islamic religion in the country.

Tsunami disaster

In the year 2004 AD on the twenty-sixth day of December, the Maldives were subjected to a tsunami flood that destroyed all of the Maldives, with the exception of nine of them that were not affected by the flood. The damage was as follows:

  • Fifty-seven islands are severely damaged in infrastructure.
  • Fourteen islands were completely vacated.
  • Six islands completely destroyed.

The damages amounted to about four hundred million US dollars, and the number of victims amounted to one hundred and two residents, and six foreign tourists, and the wavelengths were fourteen feet or 4.3 meters.


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