The capital of the state of Algeria

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Algeria capital

Algeria is the capital of the state of Algeria, it is one of the largest cities in Algeria, and it is the main and economic center of the country. It is also the largest port that connects Algeria with the countries of the outside world. Especially in the field of international trade exchange. The group of islands that are located opposite the coast. The city is also called Bahjah and White Algeria, due to its bright, tall and white buildings. The city of Algeria was built on a coastal area parallel to the shores of the Mediterranean, and the city includes a group of buildings. The incident in the eastern and northern regions that add beauty to the port and the sea bay of the city is illuminated, the establishment of the city dates back to the time of the Phoenicians, it was a colony belonging to them, and one of the most important and most famous commercial centers, and in the tenth century AD, the barbarian tribes settled there, then many Arabs and Jews took refuge Those who left the Spanish lands to the city in the sixteenth century AD, which helped to spread cultural diversity within Algerian society clearly, and during the French occupation of Algeria, the Algerian capital became a center of the French forces and remained so K until the state of Algeria gained its independence, and as a result, the capital developed in all different fields.


The People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria is located in the northwestern part of the African continent, along the Mediterranean Sea, it is the second largest country in the African continent, Algeria is bordered on the north by the Mediterranean, and on the eastern side by Tunisia and Libya, and on the south by Mali and Niger, and from the south by Mali and Niger, and from the southern The western side is Morocco and Mauritania, and most of the south of the country covers the Sahara.

The most important features of the state of Algeria

There are many cultural monuments in Algeria, including:

  • The Kasbah building: It was built in 1516 AD, on the remains of an old building, and it was used as a palace until the French occupation.
  • Great Mosque: It is considered one of the oldest mosques in the Algerian capital; it was established in a building dating back to 1018 AD.
  • New mosque: Built in the seventeenth century AD, the mosque is surrounded by four small white domes in the middle of which are a huge white dome.


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