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Accra is the capital of Ghana

Accra is the political capital of the state of Ghana, which is considered one of the largest cities of this country at all, as it is considered the economic and administrative center as well as the primary communication in Ghana, as this city is located on the northern coast of the Gulf of Guinea, and the city contains many accompanying transportation, perhaps the most important Railways as well as the international airport, and the city is famous for many industries, perhaps the most important of which is the production of both brick and brick, as well as the processing of diamonds and wood, and this city includes among its sides the University of Ghana at Lygon, in this article we will provide important profiles on the capital of the state of Ghana.

Founding Accra

This city was established in the middle of the seventeenth century AD, as it was a center for slave traders in Africa between the sixteenth century AD and mid-nineteenth century AD, and many forts were built in this city by the European countries that came to the city .

Accra residents

This city is distinguished by the diversity of its population among Protestant Christians, as well as Catholics, who constitute up to 62% of the total population. As for Muslims, they constitute approximately 16% of the total population. As for the rest of the population, they convert to traditional African religions, with the presence of a percentage of the population that does not convert Any religion.

The economy of Accra

Economic activities in this city are concentrated in many areas, the most important of which are communications, construction, transportation, government financial services and agriculture, in addition to fishing.

Landmarks of Accra

This city is distinguished by its European style and its African architecture. Most of the population is concentrated in clear-cut neighborhoods that are distinguished by its modern evidence. This city also includes many traditional, one-storey African homes that are characterized by their rectangular shape that includes roofs. A pyramid, as for European buildings, it consists mainly of two floors with spacious balconies, where these buildings are concentrated in the commercial center located on the outskirts of Jamestown, and this city contains many of the main offices of banks, as well as large companies Competent in the areas of trade, as well as industry, insurance, in addition to large e-institutions, electricity, and commercial markets, in addition to the Supreme Court building and the Central Library, and the most important city landmarks the following:

  • Ghana National Museum.
  • Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences.
  • Ghana National Archives Building.
  • the central Library.
  • The government residence, built in the seventeenth century by the Danes, as well as the National Theater.
  • Kotoka International Airport that connects this city to the outside world.

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