The capital of the State of Sierra Leone

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Sierra Leone

The state of Sierra Leone, or the Republic of Sierra Leone, is one of the small countries located in the continent of Africa, specifically to the west of it, and extends over the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean, where it shares borders with Liberia on the southeast, and with Guinea on the north, and Sierra Leone achieved its independence from the long British occupation in In 1961 AD, its name means the Lion Summit, where this name was called the Portuguese traveler Pedroscentra, while the Sierra Leoneans call it Romadong, meaning the mountain, and there are fourteen governorates in the state of Sierra Leone, and among the most important cities are U, Koidu, and cinema.

Freetown is the capital of the State of Sierra Leone

Freetown is the capital of Sierra Leone, located in the western side of the country, and it is a port overlooking the Atlantic coasts of the Freetown Peninsula, where the economy of Freetown depends mainly on the port through which all the basic materials and exports of the state are exported, and one of the most important exports that comes out of this The port: exports of canning fish, rice milling, the manufacture of cigarettes, and petroleum refining.

Freetown residents

Freetown was founded in 1792 AD, and its area is 400,000,000 square meters, and its height above the sea is only 26 meters because it is a coastal city, with a population of 951,000 people, according to the population census of 2014, and most of the capital’s residents are from the elements of the Carbol, and they are gentle liberators who came to it from around They are the ones who founded the city, and they form a large share of its inhabitants, and the name of the city is Freetown, which means liberation, in relation to their liberation.

Information on the State of Sierra Leone

  • It is famous for being one of the diamond producing countries, and the smuggling of diamonds was widespread in it, as smugglers obtained raw diamonds and sold it at the cheapest prices to international diamond companies. And the spread of organized crime in the country.
  • The lands of Sierra Leone are made up of coastal plains that are filled with swamps, in addition to the coastal creek, and the entire country of Sierra Leone has a total area of ​​approximately 71,740 km², and it contains many forests that were cut down, as the swamps dried up and were replaced by rice farms, and there are also many plateaux that pass through it Small rivers.
  • Its climate is characterized by being humid tropical subtropical, as temperatures rise to make the atmosphere dry, and rains fall heavily in the winter and also in the summer, and the tropical forests that cover large areas of the south of the country grow, in addition to savannas that cover the northern regions.
  • The population of the city of Freetown consists of thirteen tribes, and the most prominent of them are the groups of the eighties, the Mandi, the Mandaj, Faye, Yanuca, the Fulani, and Souso, and many freed slaves from different places emigrated to them.
  • Its Muslim population is about 2,300,000, constituting 62% of the population, while Christians constitute 28%, while followers of other religions make up 10% and are Jews, Hindus, Bahais, and atheists.

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