The capital of the Togolese state

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The capital of the Togolese state

Lome is the capital of the west African country of Togo, and it has an attractive environment and a charming atmosphere that makes it a tourist attraction, so it is an excellent option to go on exploratory, tourism and recreational trips for the sake of relaxation; The many markets that provide the tourist with the pleasure of shopping. One of its most important markets is the Grand Marche Market, which is full of colorful fabrics, in addition to the straw market, which is filled with souvenirs, traditional and beautiful heritage.

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Lome is the most famous city in the Togolese state, a coastal city located in the far southwest of Togo on the Gulf of Guinea, on the opposite side of the border with Guinea, and rises from the sea about ten meters.

Climate of Lome

The Lome climate is characterized by the presence of two rainy seasons, where the first season of these seasons is tropical and wet, the second season is dry, the first season begins in January and ends in July, while the second season begins in September and ends in the end of November.

History of the city of Lome

The city was founded by the patriarchal tribes in the eighteenth century, and it was initially a small village called Bay Beach founded by the Iwi tribes, and in 1882 AD this village became a major trading center once the arrival of Octaviano Olympbo and Chico who were representatives of a company (A. & F. Swanzy) British, and it became the capital of the Togolese state in 1897 AD when the British occupation then transferred the capital to it instead of Anhu, and the city of Lome began to progress, develop and prosper until the French occupation during World War I in 1914.

Information about the city of Lome

  • With a population of approximately 700,000 people and the capital Lome overlooking the Gulf of Guinea, it is also the main port of the state of Togo, which is the industrial and administrative capital of it, and this city is famous for the export of cocoa, coffee and coconut seeds, and what has increased the economic importance of the city is the presence of an oil refinery in it.
  • In addition to the capital, Lome, there are many important and major cities such as Bayme, Sokoda, and Pasari, Geth. Togo is divided into 5 provinces divided into 30 provinces, namely: Plateau Territory, Kara Region, Savannah Region, Maritime Territory, and Central Region.
  • There are a number of university colleges and universities such as Togo University of Science and Technology, Lome University, as well as an international airport, and many luxury hotels such as the Palm Beach Hotel and the Sofitel Hotel, and the Corinthia Hotel, which is the highest building in Lome and consists of 36 floors and a height of 102 meters, while The cities near Lome are Lagos, Cotonou, and Porto Novo.

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