Shopping guide in Budapest and the best places for travelers ’experiences, learn about the most important malls and markets in them and their opening times and the features of each of them, all you need to know to have a successful shopping experience in Budapest we will get to know them in detail on the Arab travelers website.
Today, since the year 1990 AD, Budapest is still preserved as one of the most important cities that tourists go to in order to shop and buy different needs and clothes, so that it can be said that every place in the city and every street is not without a market or a commercial store. The shopping experience in the city will be unforgettable, and you will find lots of branded clothes and international quality.
Budapest has over 90 shopping malls and shopping centers, and the main places to buy widgets are concentrated in Best City Mall and in the mid-city shopping streets such as Fassi Street and Andrassy Street which contains a huge number of stores with great sophistication, and prices that are suitable for everyone at the same time.

The cheapest places to shop in Budapest:

Here are the cheapest shopping places in town and across the country:

Great Market Hall:

  • Great Market Hall is one of the largest and most complex in-city markets in the city. Wool is made at the last well-known Vasi Utka Street.
  • It is famous on the market for the high quality of products and commodities available in it, and many innovations were made during the centenary in 1996.
  • It is one of the tourist attractions in the city, and it is not only a matter of tourists, but also visited by the local people in Budapest in order to buy fruits and vegetables, fish and meat of various kinds. On the ground floor there are a lot of popular clothes for Budapest residents as well as shops for dazzling souvenirs, including carved hunting knives, Hungarian brushes, and wonderful dolls.


It is one of the largest markets in Europe at all, and the market has everything that wonderful visitors need of jewelry, watches for the rare Soviet army, and there are pieces of original rough diamonds.
Prisoner Piac can be considered the best place to buy rare things in Budapest and Hungary as a whole. You must visit the market even if you do not intend to purchase to enjoy this unrepeatable experience

Croissette Fragrance Market:

This market is one of the largest markets specializing in perfumes in the region of Hungary, you will find fragrances that were brought in from different parts of the world and put them together in this charming place. Some of the scents on the perfume market date back more than 900 years. Workshops are held to teach tourists and residents how to perfume and blend. You will become a perfume expert and gain many experts from one visit to this market which is the backbone of the perfume industry in the world.

Malls in Budapest:

Arena Plaza:

It is one of the largest shopping places in Budapest, with an area of ​​200 thousand square meters. Arena Plaza opened in mid-November 2007, making it one of the newest malls in Budapest. You will find everything you want to get in shopping tourism from many unique stores in the clothes and shoes that you offer, in addition to restaurants that are the most beautiful local food and international food, and cafes that make coffee Excellent Hungarian.
It is indispensable to mention that the Arena Plaza has its own hypermarket, which makes it one of the comprehensive shopping destinations, as there are cinemas in the event that you feel bored or tired of shopping and wanted to watch an interesting movie in the cinemas iMax or in the regular cinema halls that exceed the number 20 cinema halls.
The mall operates every day from ten in the morning until nine in the evening throughout the week

Corvin Mall:

It is one of the most beautiful and well-known malls of Budapest ever, as it attracts shopping tourists from everywhere because of its unique number of international brands, especially H&M and C&A.
The food in the mall is very excellent and includes a café from the famous Costa Coffee chain, where you will have the best coffee and cake in your life. The surprise is the presence of a chocolate museum on the ground floor of the Corvin Mall, while restaurants and cafes are more often found on the upper floors than the well-known Kentucky chain.

Ali Shopping Center:

Among the malls that achieved great fame and an unparalleled reputation in the recent period, it contains a huge number of international brands of excellent quality, and many shops that display local quality goods, and many events are organized in the mall to encourage people to visit it, including the discounts that He performs her work on birthdays, on various national occasions and until the mall has coverage of various local and international sporting events. In short, it is the best place for more entertainment and enjoyment.
The mall is open every day from ten in the morning, until 9 in the evening except for Sunday from ten in the morning until seven in the evening.


It is one of the largest shopping centers in Budapest, which opened in mid-April in the year 2011 AD and is one of the largest shopping centers on Grand Boulevard, with an area of ​​more than six thousand square meters.
There is a huge number of international stores in this huge mall, the most famous of which are Giva Muller and H&M brand. The shopping center also provides a lot of places to rest and enjoy cafes and places to do beauty and skin care sessions.
Recently, the Marriott Courtyard Hotel was opened, which increased the tourists’ interest in visiting Europeum if they land in this hotel, as the two are in the same building and close to everything in Budapest.

West and City Center:

It is one of the largest malls in Budapest, where the center includes more than 350 commercial stores and was opened in mid-November 1999 AD, and at that time it was the largest shopping center in the region, and it is provided with all the leisure activities and activities, restaurants, cafes, and arenas For skiing, snowing, and various sports halls. It is really a huge place where you will find everything.
The shopping center operates seven days a week, from ten in the morning until eleven in the evening, which makes it one of the most beautiful places to stay in Budapest and watch wonderful movies with friends and family.



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