The cheapest housing in the Emirates

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Information guide on the cheapest housing in the Emirates, today we worked on collecting the most inexpensive places in the Emirates, where you can live in the region you want while saving a lot of cash, as rents in all residential areas in Dubai continued to decline, despite this situation except that Many are looking for cheap housing, and this does not even cause high or expensive costs.
As it was mentioned the places where there are cheap residential areas in Dubai and other cities in the Emirates, where the housing in high-end areas does not exceed the price of sixty dirhams, per square foot, where there is little and much, and this depends on the costs that exist in the apartment This is considered the cheapest thing that can be obtained as a residence in the emirate of Dubai, and higher prices can also be found, and many tenants have options to search for the best prices that are in the markets, where there are many different areas that can be stayed and at the cheapest prices, Learn about it by following this article The.

The cheapest places to live in the UAE:

There are some different areas that can be inhabited and enjoy a quiet and beautiful life, as it facilitates the purchases in it, home supplies and all your special needs, so you can live in:

  • International City:

This place is considered one of the second cheapest places on the level of the emirate of Dubai, the prices of all residential areas in that city are very cheap, and you and your family can stay for years without high costs like other places.

  • Discovery Gardens:

Discovery Gardens is one of the most prestigious and different places in the Emirates, where there are many different life works, which are easy to deal with people.

  • Dubailand:

Dubailand is one of the important areas that a large population goes to, not only for the price of housing in it, but because it contains many beautiful recreational places, which encourage many people to stay.

  • dip:

This region is one of the most important and well-known investment areas in which the projects can be established, and get acquainted with the various life works in it, as there are many elements that depend on families for life in them.

  • Dubai Silicon Oasis:

This region is one of the industrial areas that have a lot of advantages, which is a great place to live in the UAE, with a cheap price for housing compared to other areas in Dubai.

  • Motor City:

It is one of the areas that offers cheap apartments and housing suitable for many people.

  • Al Furjan:

One of the popular areas in the Emirates that provides people with many apartments and units that are cheaply priced.

  • dignity :

Al Karama area contains many apartments.

  • Al Qusais:

The Al Qusais area is the artery that connects Dubai and the rest of the Emirates, as it is characterized by a large network of vital roads, service buildings and also residential areas, which vary between workers ’housing from families’ areas, and housing in Al Qusais is one of the cheapest residential areas in Dubai .

  • Al-Baraha Neighborhood:

Al-Baraha district is a neighborhood located in the emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, as it has a population of about 7,823 people, and it contains many modest apartments.

  • International City:

The international city is considered one of the cheap residential areas in price, and this is compared to other residential areas in Dubai, and this is because it contains about nine residential neighborhoods, which bear many names, including (Spain, Russia, Persia, Morocco, Italy, Greece, France, England, China), and the architectural design of each of them suggests the culture of the country in which it was called, and all of them together represent the residential area of ​​the International City and consist of more than 22 thousand apartments accommodating more than about 70 thousand people.

  • Al Nahda:

It is considered a very quiet and unique area, as it contains apartments at reasonable prices.

  • Pass:

It is considered one of the cheapest residential areas in Dubai.

  • Abu Hail :

Abu Hail offers affordable apartments, suitable for many people.


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