The most famous and cheapest guide to shopping places in Berlin, we will take you today, dear tourist, to tour one of the most important and most important shopping destinations in the world, which is the city of Berlin, which controls the German capital and has a large group of the most important and most beautiful neighborhoods and global streets that provide visitors with everything new in Modern life, foremost of which is the famous Friedrichstrasse street, and many other markets. We will show you today in our next lines, so that it benefits all lovers of shopping and buying international brands.

Cheapest shopping places in Berlin, Germany:

There are a lot of markets and shopping places in Berlin that attract a lot of tourists and residents of the city in order to buy distinguished international brands, and the most important markets in Berlin are:

  • Friedrichstrasse Street:

    He says everyone who visited it did not shop in Berlin who does not go to Friedrichstrasse, this street is for all those who love shopping in Berlin, as it includes many axes and fashions that carry the international brands of the largest fashion and fashion designers, including Gucci, Louis Freiton and other world famous brands, Do not miss the opportunity to shop with it.

  • Kurfürstendamm Street:

It is called Kodam Street, and Kurfürstendamm is also considered one of the most important and largest streets that specializes in shopping in Berlin, and you will notice this when you see tourists from all over the world and different nationalities on the shopping center in which it is located, which is known to offer exhibits carrying unique international brands And the distinctive, and one of the most important characteristics of this street is its historical character, so everyone who went to it proved that he was on a tourist touring shopper at the same time.

  • Alexander Square:

    Through this field called Alexander, you will find everything you need, because the Germans stated that it is difficult to want something and do not find it in Alexander Square, so you should not miss his visit and wander between his stores and interesting shopping centers, as it is one of the largest The fields that exist in Germany, as well as the Alexa Center, which the Germans confirmed that it deserves the title of the center for the first shopping list, due to the convenience it provides to tourists during shopping, especially its central location in the heart of the capital, and its possession of a large number of stores that offer luxury and international brands.

  • KaDeV Center:

The legendary KDV Center, which has been built since 1907 AD, is located on Tauntsen Strasse Street, which is an extension of the Kürsteinstein Dam, and with it you will find eight floors of more than 2000 workers to serve visitors, as if you have a luxury hotel service, and that you choose what you want It is a distinguished and global trade exhibits.

  • Berlin Mall:

The Berlin Mall is one of the newest shopping districts in Berlin, where the mall opened in September 2014, which is near Potsdamer Platz, and has more than 200,000 square meters of shops, and has more than 279 branded stores Large and luxury business.

  • Hackescher Market:

This market is the favorite place for youth shopping in Berlin, and finding all the well-known brands including diesel or IDAS, so the visitor is not surprised by the crowding that accepts him when going to him, especially that it gives shopping another taste when resting in one of the restaurants that are in it, And those restaurants are known for their delicious and delicious meals, and also for their great prices.

  • Schoonhauser Walk:

If you love walking while shopping among the most beautiful commercial stores, you should put the Schönhauser walkway within your plan when you visit the city of Berlin, and you will find everything that is modern and new between the big and small store, and you will also find the most famous and most beautiful of the stalls that come out of the smell of food Delicious and delicious oriental food with its delicious taste, do not miss it.

  • Gallery Lafayette:

The Galeries Lafayette is the main branch of the luxury Parisian store, which is located in the east of Berlin, specifically in the corner of Friedrichstrasse, and it is one of the most important features of the modern glass destination, surrounded by many buildings that are around it, and gives the gallery the atmosphere of international shopping between a large group Among the best known cosmetic and fashion products in the world, besides you can eat delicious French food in one of the restaurants in it.

  • Potsdamer Platz:

The square we cut is an important intersection that is located in the center of Berlin, and you can tour and shop in a group of the most important and most beautiful stores while you are in the heart of Berlin, and you can finish buying everything you need when visiting the Brandenburg Gate and also the Reichsta building, which is located one kilo meter.

  • The Flummarkt M Marketpark:

    The Flomarket M-Mallpark market opens on Sundays to sell used products to visitors, whether those visitors reside in the city or tourists, you can bargain and buy the necessary handbags, jewelry, and musical instruments, as it also includes a group of small food stalls, so if you need to eat any meal at Getting around and shopping will give you delicious food.



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