The cheapest tourist country

المسافرون العرب


Tourism has been known since ancient times, since it means moving from one place to another within the borders of the state or outside it, with the aim of achieving a certain desire, far from the place of residence, residence or workplace, it is a group of jobs and jobs that are provided to serve tourists; Providing accommodations, transportation, and recreational sites.

The cheapest country in tourism

There are a group of countries that are considered one of the cheapest tourist countries and the most important of them are:


Pokhara is located on the continent of Asia, in Nepal, it is considered the second largest city in Nepal, the importance of the city of Pokhara starts from its strategic location close to the natural places that attract tourists to it, including: the Annapurnan Mountains, monkey-filled forests, waterfalls, caves, and a place for enjoyment The sunrise and sunset.

Chang Mai in Thailand

It is the second cheapest city in Asia, located in northern Thailand. The city is surrounded by high walls and a moat. The city contains more than 300 temples, and a number of art and cultural museums, which have a number of parks that visitors visit.

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Sri Lanka

It is an island country located in the Indian Ocean, with its famous tourist destinations that are popular with Adams, Yala National Park, Beruwela, Unawatuna, and Marisa, and the most important means of transportation used for the transportation of tourists: three-wheeled vehicles, or rent a car or motorcycles, or Using public transportation.


There are many Mexican cities that are popular with tourists and are considered cheap: Tulum, Yuconata, as well as tropical beaches and the Maya port.


Indonesia includes more than 18,000 islands, with a population of 240 million people, and is the second largest tropical forest in the world there. European visiting tourists obtain visas for 35 dollars, which makes it one of the cheapest tourist countries, and Indonesia includes a group of beautiful beaches and islands, and it has sites For World Heritage, one of the most important things a tourist gets in Indonesia is scuba diving, spa treatment, and surfing.


It is called the green city, and Tunisia includes many landmarks that attract tourists, including: historical relics and popular markets that reflect African civilization in addition to beautiful cities and tourist resorts.

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Egypt is called the mother of the world. Egypt includes a group of beautiful cities that tourists visit, including: Cairo, Hurghada, Alexandria, Sharm El-Sheikh, and Moussa Matrouh. In it, shopping and fun alongside the charming beautiful colors of the sea, they provide beautiful places at low-cost prices.

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