The cities of northern Turkey

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Officially known as the Turkish Republic, which is located in the Middle East, it is located in a strategic location between Europe and Asia, bordered by the Black Sea and Georgia to the north, Iran and Armenia to the east, the Mediterranean and Iraq and Syria and maritime borders with Cyprus to the south, Greece and the sea Aegean and Portugal to the west, what distinguishes the Turkish Republic is that it is surrounded by three seas from three sides: the Mediterranean from its south, the Aegean Sea from its west, and the Black Sea from its north, and northern Turkey is distinguished by a cold and humid oceanic climate in the winter and warm in the summer, And it rains in mystery On the coast of Turkey from the Black Sea in the north of the country, it is the north of Turkey is the only region in the country characterized by very high rainfall rates.

The most prominent Turkish cities in the north

Artvin City

Artvin is a governorate and city of the Turkish cities that overlooks the Black Sea, and is located on the east coast of the northern side of the country, the city’s terrain is characterized by a steep slope and is surrounded by very high mountains, some of its mountains have a height of nearly 3900 meters above the sea, and there are forests, lakes and multiple national parks. Most of the city’s population is Turkish and Muslim.

The city of Trabzon

It is a Turkish city located on the Black Sea coast in the Turkish north, and it is the center of Trabzon Province, it is located on the historical silk road, and it is the Turkish commercial portal on the Iranian Republic and on the Northeast Caucasus, the population of the city of Trabzon is approximately 214.949 people according to the estimates of the year 2012, and the majority of the population The city is made up of Turks, Pontites, and Greeks, the city dates back to the eighth century BC, and was a Greek city then occupied by the Romans in 65 BC, and in 1461 AD the Turkish Sultan Bayezid II seized it and came under the control of the Ottoman Empire.

Ordu City

Located in the Turkish north of the eastern side of the Mediterranean, the city is characterized by a unique and picturesque nature and very clear and clear beaches and a moderate and beautiful climate, and it is the most famous city in the Turkish north in the beauty of nature, the Turks are called several titles: the heart of the north, the land of calm, and a piece of heaven , And the city of oxygen.

It has a sandy beach that is the cleanest and longest beach in the country, in addition to the quiet rivers that descend from among its mountains and many natural waterfalls, including: Jisali Falls, which are found among the forests of the town of Epasti, which is located in the city of Ordu, and the depth of water in it is about 4 meters, and is known for its sweetness and cold water. Also, Kdingik waterfalls, which are about 20 km away from the city, in addition to the Udhamis waterfall, which is the largest waterfall in the Black Sea regions, with a height of nearly 30 meters, and other waterfalls estimated at 100 waterfalls in the city of Ordu.


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