The city of Antalya

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The city of Antalya

The city of Antalya is one of the Turkish cities, it is located in the western side of a Turkish state, and in the southwestern side of the city of Anatolia, as it is the capital of Antalya Province, supervising the Mediterranean Sea, 729 km from Istanbul, 518 km from Ankara, and Izmir 462 Km, while the city of Adana, 650 km.

Antalya site

It is bordered on the eastern-western side, that is, on the parallel side of the Mediterranean Sea, the Taurus Mountain Range. Thus, the beaches of the city of Antalya are narrow in nature, and these mountains provide protection from the very cold northern winds, while its climate in general is the Mediterranean climate, warm Heavy rain in the winter, hot dry in the summer, and the average temperature in the summer ranges between 15 and 28 degrees Celsius, and the highest rate recorded is 40 degrees Celsius, and its indigenous population is estimated at 800 thousand people according to the 2007 census.

Tourist places in Antalya

Among the most famous landmarks to visit in Antalya:

  • The Water Museum occupies the first place in terms of size in Antalya, as it is one of the most recent tourist places established in Antalya, and it includes many cultural and entertainment activities, and it allows its visitors to experience the underwater life in a new and innovative way, as there is in the opposite side of it, the Antalya Museum in addition To the Deadman Hotel.
  • Duden Waterfalls, which is a group of waterfalls stemming from the Duden River. It is characterized by its charming beauty, surrounded by many cafes and restaurants, in addition to many trips.
  • The Italian water city, this city is located near the Deadman Hotel and Resort, and many Dolphin Shows and water games are held in this city, and it is easy to reach as it is very close to Konyaalti.
  • Hadrian’s Gate, and this gate was built by the Romans under the supervision of Emperor Hardian during the second century BC.
  • Layali Building is an old building surrounded by a group of fences. It also includes Hydrilic Towers, The Clock, and Hadrian Gate known as the Triple Gate.
  • The lighthouse, also called the Broken Minaret, was a Byzantine church, but was rebuilt as a mosque.
  • Yevlev Menara Mosque, called the decorated minaret, was built by the Seljuk hands, and it is characterized by its tiles colored in turquoise and dark blue, and this mosque has recently become a symbol of the city, and the city of Antalya also includes many religious places, such as the Takeli Muhammad Pasha Mosque, the Ahi Yusuf Mesidi Mosque, and the Mosque Osman Effendi, Murad Pasha Mosque, and Sinan Effendi Mosque.


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