The city of Beni Mellal

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The geographical location of the city of Beni Mellal

The city of Beni Mellal is located in the Tadla Azilal region in Morocco, it is located at 32.34 degrees latitude, longitude -6.35 degrees, and rises above sea level by 538 meters, and its population is about 166,399 people, located between the foothills of the Mediterranean Atlas Mountains, and in the seventh century Ten The Belkosh Kasbah was built at the entrance to the town, and was restored in the nineteenth century. The city of Beni Mellal overlooks the Bani Al Amir Plain, which is a main market for the products of the Tadlil irrigated plain, as well as livestock, orange trees, olives, and figs, and the dam and Khazan Bin Al Oudin are located. 58 km away from the southwestern part of the city, and Beni Mellal is connected by road with M. N: Fez, Marrakech, Casablanca.

The name of the city of Beni Mellal

The city of Beni Mellal derives its name from the Arab tribe (Bani Mellal), which inhabited its lands, and in 1883 AD the Casbah of Beni Mellal was called the Kasbah of Ibn Kush, but this name did not last, as it was replaced in the beginning of the twentieth century with the name of the Casbah of Beni Mellal, and finally The city of Beni Mellal replaced the two names together.

Residents of Beni Mellal

The inhabitants of Beni Mellal lived in their city since ancient times, and they gathered in the monastery of Bani Mellal, and in the plains surrounding the city, and it is noteworthy that the people of Beni Mellal and other Moroccan regions relied mainly on agricultural work, where agricultural and pastoral work was adorning the life of the Bani Mellal tribe, It organizes their collective and productive work, and it is worth noting that it was not the only activity that the inhabitants knew in Beni Mellal until the nineteenth century, but rather they knew other activities, such as: trade, forest exploitation, sniping resources, harvesting, crafts income, etc.


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