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The city of London or the city of fog is the largest city in the United Kingdom, located in the southeast of Britain on the River Thames, its population exceeds 15 million people spread over the inner neighborhoods of the city and its suburbs, which made it the largest city in the continent of Europe, where this strengthened its cultural, economic, and political position .

The city contains many educational centers such as schools, institutes and universities, the most prominent of which is the University of London, as it contains many historical and archaeological sites such as churches, gardens, bridges, etc., in order to give them its cultural importance, and in London there are many game cities that impart entertainment , And entertainment on the city.

London’s gaming cities

The city of Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park is the largest game city in the United Kingdom, located in Chertsey in the city of London, where the Park Park attracts many visitors annually from different age groups, so public transportation or train can be used to reach the park that is half an hour away from the city, and the park includes various games Suitable for all family members.

The park is divided into several parts, the main entrance known as the Atlantis Dome, the fishing town designated for fishing, Canada Creek for windsurfing, and the Calypso wharf which consists of three sections: the lost city which is the old city, and the Neptune kingdom for children which is divided into three connected parts. And Suram Island the new area.

City of Blackpool

Blackpool is located northwest of Britain on the coast of the Kingdom, and is one of the most important and most popular cities in the coast, offering many entertainment on the beaches, the city has many tourist sites that include: golden beaches, fun beach, winter orchards, the zoo, and the Blackpool Tower which is called On it Eiffel Britain, it was opened in 1894 AD, its height is 158 meters above the ground, at the bottom of the tower many restaurants, entertainment centers and party halls inside the tower meet, circus inside the tower, and the large theater that combines on its wood between activities of dance, ballet, drama, and gesture .

Elton Tours

Elton Tours is located in Staffor County, England, it was opened in April 1980 AD, the city contains all the elements of tourist attractions for all family members, as the city includes a resort that contains traces and ice surfaces, bubbles and snow, and the park is the most popular to enjoy, and also includes a group of Hotels that provide good services, as well as a water park.

The city of Chessington

Includes a theme park and a zoo, from the closest theme park to the city of London, can be reached by train or by bus, it is a city full of interesting and interesting adventures where the visitor can stay in for the longest time possible, the most prominent of which are the games city, Toy Town, and the mysterious east.

Other game cities

  • Lego Land: It is located to the west of the city of London, and includes a group of hotels, restaurants, cafes and many entertainment games.
  • Drayton Manor City: It includes a group of restaurants and stores, which made it suspense, adventure and entertainment, and has the fastest roller coaster in Europe.

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