Comprehensive information about the clock in London Big Ben, is the most famous hour in the world, called this watch (Big Ben clock) and this is to describe the tower that is in it, but for that name it is due to the bells that were found in the tower.
Where he belongs to St. Stephen, and that is why he gave it that name, but over time the name was changed to Elizabeth Tower, and this is to be replaced by the clock tower, where that change was due to the British and in particular Queen Elizabeth, and that work was affiliated with her because she was working in the tower For sixty years, she was honored by calling the constellation Elizabeth.
As it was the most honorable event at the level of Britain so far, but this name did not receive any attention and there was no uproar among him in society, as that event was linked to the United Kingdom, but this beside the historical name by which it was known did not affect him among the rest of the countries.
Where the name of Big Ben is the name known to it today, such as the Eiffel Tower that is located in Paris, where the city of London is considered one of the largest famous cities, so this watch was designed and placed in it, as this tower has become a great antique masterpiece that has a prominent place at Many people.
And on the basis of this tower, a lot of cinematic films were made in it, and this is just because there is a Big Ben in it, as it has become a special place for tourism to which many people come to search for entertainment, because this tower has a different place for many people.

Where is the watch in London:

The famous Big Ben watch is found in the Arab world in the city of London and is the capital of the United Kingdom, where this watch is located on the tower of St. Stephen in the northern part of the British Parliament, which is in the circle known as the Westminster Circle.

Where is the watch made in London made?

That watch was made after it set fire and accused the old building of the British Parliament, in the year 1843, and that watch was finished in 1959 and was at that time the most important watch in the world.
The scientist who created the watch is called Edward Dent, and the person who made the design for it is Edmund Becket, and this person who discovered the system that works to prevent the watch from being subjected to gravity.
And he not only separated it from gravity, but also prevented anything from being attracted to it, as it prevented the dancer from mixing it with mechanical things, and this is the assistant who worked on non-friction, as he moved that watch on the air and this was in 1923.

What distinguishes the London watch:

It was known that this clock is one of the most famous hours that exist in the world, and even that it is one of the most accurate hours, and this is because it works on its own, it defines and measures the time, and since that time this watch has remained the international watch to set the time in various countries of the world.
And with it there is a part called the bell, which weighs 13 tons, as for scorpions it reaches 9 feet and this small scorpion, and for the big scorpion it reaches 14 feet, so the tower reaches 230 feet to bear these weights, and despite the time that has passed since that hour, but it It is still in good condition and has no problem, and it is rare for it to malfunction and if it happens, it will be once in seven years.
It was also considered one of the most important tourist attractions that many come to for tourism, as a large number of people come to it every year in order to see its beauty.
Where, after a lot of statistics, I discover that this watch comes to more than a million people a year in order to visit it and learn all its information, and we also do not remember that that hour was broken for a long period of time, it was broken once when it had a technical malfunction, and one of the Specialists in technology business reset it and since that time it is still in that state and there was no malfunction.



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