The coldest countries in the world month August 8

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The coolest guide to the countries of the world in the month of August 8 for tourism and entertainment, the best places to visit to enjoy a holiday with a wonderful atmosphere in the summer, whether you are looking for a beautiful atmosphere or a picturesque nature or an economic holiday, start planning your trip with us now on Arab travelers.

The coldest countries in the world August 8:

August is considered one of the best months to enjoy a summer vacation or go on a trip with family and friends, and it is often the annual vacation in many countries around the world, and at the same time the temperature rises in most of the country, which impedes many from enjoying their trip.
You will be able to enjoy your trip as you wish with cold travel destinations, which are characterized by a moderate temperature, which enables you to enjoy various recreational activities, and wonderful tourist places to escape the heat of August.
Here are the best and coldest tourist destinations for August, which are suitable for both families and youth excursions:

Austria, where you will find dazzling paradise:

The average temperature in August is 24 degrees Celsius, and it is one of the countries that have a very charming atmosphere, and mild weather even in the month of August when the temperature rises.
What is wonderful about Austria is also that it is one of the countries not crowded with tourists, unlike the rest of the countries in Europe which are known as tourist destinations.

Advantages of tourism in Austria:

One of the most beautiful things you can do in Austria in August:

  • Take a cultural tour to visit Austria’s palaces, as well as the many museums and fabulous markets in Vienna.
  • Enjoy visiting Zell am See, where you can participate in forest exploration trips, and visit the Alps.
  • Enjoy visiting the wonderful uncrowded beaches in Austria, the most wonderful resorts of Villach and Seefeld in Tirol, where the nature is charming, and you will be able to swim and lie on the beach in a very wonderful atmosphere.

Information you must know before traveling to Austria:

  • Book your hotel in inexpensive places that are not accepted by tourists, so that you can get a good price reservation like Salzburg, Graz and Innsbruck. You also need to know that in August, Austria is witnessing a large number of tourists, which raises the price of housing in a hotel.
  • You may find hot waves in this month, and you may find severe rains, so make sure to take appropriate clothes for all seasons
  • It is easy to move between Austria cities quickly and easily because it is a relatively small country.
  • Turkey’s greatest destination throughout the year:

    Turkey is one of the countries that suits all budgets, which can be visited at any time of the year due to the multiplicity of tourism activities in it in addition to the magnificence of the climate and the diversity of terrain from one city to another.

    Why should you visit Turkey? :

    • One of the most beautiful things you can do in Turkey in August:
    • You will be able to enjoy the nightlife in Turkey, between great parties and street music, between the bustling markets and restaurants of the capital Istanbul, which you will find crowded all the time.
    • Enjoy the color of the sea and practice various sports activities on the coast of Turkey, especially to the west, where you will find many attractive marine activities or even you can sunbathe on the beach.
    • Visiting the countryside in Turkey, in addition to passing through the Black Sea cities, which are known for their tranquility and the enchanting beauty of coastal nature.

    Information before traveling to Turkey:

  • Be sure to take advantage of the wonderful offers that are held in Turkey in the summer period, by booking in the famous hotels and you will find in Turkey, a large number of hotels that enjoy different decorations and a different sense, and suit all budgets.
  • Expected to find the capital, and major cities in Turkey very crowded in August because it is the tourist season for the country, so consider visiting the countryside and unknown villages, if you are annoyed by crowding.
  • You may find heat waves during August and they do not last for long.
  • Poland to see Europe’s true beauty:

    It is one of the coldest tourist destinations in August, where you will find the average temperature only 24 degrees Celsius in Poland, and it is one of the most idyllic and quiet tourist destinations as it is one of the non-crowded travel destinations compared to the other famous destinations.
    Poland has a low cost for hotel accommodation compared to the rest of the famous countries of Europe and contains many places suitable for families and unforgettable honeymoon and youth trips.

    Why you should visit Poland:

    One of the most beautiful things you can do in Poland in August:

    • Live the romantic and poetic atmosphere that you will feel in the dazzling streets of Poland, the upscale markets and the archaeological sites that dot the well-known Warsaw and Krakow.
    • You will feel a lot of way to ride the cable car, and enjoy the wonderful natural places in the picturesque city of Zakopane.
    • Visit the cities in northern Poland, which are located on the Baltic Sea, especially the city of Koopcek, known for its tranquility, beauty and being one of the most beautiful places to spend a special summer vacation.

    Information before traveling to Poland:

    You may find it cold in August in Poland and you may find rain in different parts of the country, so it is best to prepare well for the weather and bring the right clothes from the start.
    You will find hotel accommodation in Poland at excellent rates in the summer compared to other European countries.

    Brazil to summer vacation to the rhythms of samba:

    Brazil is one of the coldest destinations in August and the most beautiful, as it has a wonderful and very moderate atmosphere in the summer. It is the most famous places around the world for the beauty of the heavenly beach and charming white sand, as it is one of the cheapest travel destinations around the world.

    Why you should visit Brazil:

    One of the most beautiful things you can do in Brazil in August:

    • You will be able to experience the tumultuous life enjoyed by the main cities of Brazil, such as Rio de Janeiro and the famous city of Sao Paulo.
    • Make sure to take the most beautiful memorial photos of the wonderful Iguazu Falls.
    • Experience the river cruise excursions, which will take you on a tour of the Amazon Delta and you will also be able to visit nature reserves that enjoy a tropical atmosphere and contain the most beautiful and rare animals around the world.
    • Visit the charming beaches known as Natal Beach and Fortaleza Beach to enjoy sunbathing and various marine sports.

    Information before traveling to Brazil:

    • Brazil is one of the inexpensive countries to book travel costs in the summer, which makes it one of the best tourist destinations for those on a budget.
    • Brazil is a great place for families, youth excursions and a special honeymoon.
    • You may find heavy rain this month, so it is important to bring the right clothes with you.

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