We will shed light in our article on the cost of tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina. After Bosnia and Herzegovina went through many wars that lost its power, it managed to overcome all the effects resulting from it to become one of the most important tourist destinations in the entire world, after developing its tourist places and its various attractions, to become attractive to tourists from all Around the world, and with regard to the cost of tourism in it, it is relatively cheap, given that the standard of living is medium, and through the following lines in the Arab travelers we will present to you the most important prices of the cost of tourism there and the places of residence there.

The cost of tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Accommodation prices

Hotel prices per night
Prices for hotels in Bosnia and Herzegovina vary according to the level of each hotel and the services it provides, and those prices can be listed as follows:

  • The price of stay in a one-star hotel is $ 25.
  • And a two-star hotel costs up to $ 40.
  • As for the three-star hotel, the stay price is 50 dollars.
  • And for a four-star hotel, the price of stay is $ 73.
  • With regard to stay in the five-star hotel, the price is $ 114.

Apartment rental rates monthly

  • The rental price for a one-bedroom apartment, located in the city center, is around 213 dollars.
  • The rent for the one-bedroom apartment, located outside the city center, is $ 148.
  • The apartments, which contain 3 bedrooms, are located in the city center, with a rental price of $ 383.
  • The rent for apartments with 3 bedrooms located outside the city center is 254 dollars.
  • And if someone wants to buy an apartment in Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to spend his vacation in it, the price per square meter in apartments located in the city center is 1300 dollars, and if the apartment is outside the city center, the square meter price reaches 994 dollars.

Transportation prices

  • A local transportation ticket is $ 1.
  • The value of the monthly subscription is $ 28.
  • With regard to taxis, the normal tariff for them starts from $ 1.10, and 0.57 per kilo the vehicle covers, and the value of the normal hourly rate for the taxi is $ 5.70.
  • The cost of a taxi from the airport to the city center ranges from $ 3.33 to $ 5.56.
  • When the visitor takes the bus from the airport to the city center, the ticket price is about 2.78 dollars.
  • In the Bosnian capital, a bus ride costs about $ 2.
  • If despite the independence of the train in order to travel between the cities of the state, the matter will cost him only one dollar.

Meal prices in Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • In Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are restaurants that offer inexpensive meals up to a dollar.
  • In mid-level restaurants, the value of a meal for two people is around $ 20.
  • The price of fast food there is about $ 1.20.
  • As for the prices of the main meals, the average price of breakfast there is about $ 3, while the meal may cost up to $ 5 depending on its ingredients. As for dinner, there are several restaurants specializing in serving it up to a price of $ 3.

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