Spending a week in Dubai may seem to some far-fetched wish, as the city is known to be one of the most expensive cities around the world. Although this is largely true, you can visit Dubai with minimal funds if you can learn the short cuts to reduce expenses. In this article we put in your hands some tips That makes you achieve your dream by spending a week in Dubai with the least expense and the greatest pleasure.

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The cost of travel to Dubai for a week for the lowest cost

Hotel and accommodation reservations

Reserving a hotel or private residence in Dubai consumes the largest portion of the traveler’s budget if he deals directly with hotels and owners of residential places. So, when spending a week in Dubai, we recommend that you book through one of the following websites: – What is the benefit of booking through these media? These sites offer very big discounts whether to reserve hotels or apartments. Even more, it allows deals between travelers and owners of private apartments who want to rent quickly and for a limited time to their places. These sites include customers who own apartments and also allow the traveler the opportunity to see the place from the inside and the views Foreign also.A week in Dubai

Prior reservation for tourist places in Dubai

Spending a week in Dubai means visiting some of the city’s attractions and doing popular leisure tours like safari trips. Advance reservations are special for some places such as “Khalifa Tower”, the city’s most famous landmark not only saves time but also may get some special offers. As for safari trips that take place Within the desert places, its price differs if the reservation was made in advance or after the arrival of the tourist to the city. The price differences between pre-booking and reservation after arriving in Dubai are not small if it sometimes reaches twice or more.

the shopping

Dubai malls are a prominent brand of tourism in the city, only there can shop and practice skiing with penguins. Although shopping will be a basic activity for everyone who spends a week in Dubai, the tourist will miss a special type of shopping that exists in all other tourist cities. Popularity and unofficial sellers are not present in Dubai, which makes the opportunity to get discounted offers a bit difficult. The only area where you can get private prices and good goods with pleasure is also the “global city.” The idea of ​​a global city is based on designing areas for each Country in The world (Bangkok, Paris, New York, African countries, Asian countries). Each country displays its own commodities in the Chinese region. Some electrical devices can be obtained at lower prices than commercial malls. As well as some leather products from regions of African countries, spices and fruits from regions Eastern countries, and clothes from Pakistan.

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