Have you ever thought about going to the deadly island in Brazil “the island of snakes and snakes”, and why is it said about the deadly island which is the most dangerous and terrifying place in the world, that island that is devoid of people from people but inhabits many other types, but who are they This island inhabited and why are they fighting? And if there are no human beings, then who are the victims of the inhabitants of this island, many strange and suspicious questions that may arise in your mind when you hear the name of the deadly island in Brazil, which we will get to know now in this article on Arab travelers.

The deadly island of Brazil:

  • It is the island of “Grande Quimada”, meaning the snake island, which has an area of ​​about 110 acres and is located off the coast of the Brazilian state of São Paulo, and this island lives about 4000 different types of different snakes, and some reports confirm that there is one snake in every square meter of The land of this island, so it is considered the most terrifying island in the world.
  • As for the main inhabitant of this island, which is considered the most terrifying, it is the golden snakehead of the spear, which is the most poisonous snake in the whole world to the extent that if he sprayed his poison on human skin, he could dissolve it, and the golden snake is responsible for the death of many people of the regions. Neighboring this island, it is said that this island was a land area in central Brazil, but for unknown geological reasons that island was separated from Brazil, and as a result of the food imbalance that occurred after the separation, snakes spread out greatly.

Snake food of this deadly island:

  • The snakes on the island of this island feed on migratory birds that take a rest during their long migratory journey, but they do not know that this is the last trip for them, as they are killed by snakes and snakes inhabiting this island, as the snakes cover an area of ​​every meter From the land of this island and do not allow any bird to escape from it, and it is said that this island does not escape from it, anyone, whether a bird, an animal or a person, just approaching it means your death.

How dangerous is the land of snakes?

  • The large area of ​​this island is approximately 500 square meters, and this island is known for its enchanting beauty, but unfortunately the killer beauty. ”This island is the main habitat for the golden snake, which has great beauty and extreme danger. One of his name.
  • As for most of the victims of the land of this island, they are snake hunters around the world or adventurous people trying to explore the land of this island, and a number of snake scientists who have obtained certificates dedicated to dealing with these highly toxic snakes, and sometimes a team of Brazilian sailors visit these Al Jazeera.

Building a marine lighthouse on the land of this island:

  • The Brazilian naval forces have built a marine lighthouse on the land of this island. The Brazilian navy was responsible for building this island. Some legends say that there was a family that lived inside the lighthouse and was working in its operation. It was killed entirely by the snakes that inhabit this island.
  • As the snakes had crept into their room through an open window and when the family tried to escape through the boat that was attached at the beach, the snakes hanging on the trees bitten them and this family died completely.
  • As for the mission of this beacon, it is to work to warn and warn ships arriving in Brazil of the necessity to stay away from this damned deadly island.

The people of Brazil try to get rid of this island:

  • Some people have burned the whole island with its various plants and rainforests in order to get rid of snakes, but unfortunately they did not succeed.



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