The most famous Egyptian city, it is the city of Sharm El Sheikh, with a rich cultural heritage, unique desert life, and the privileged location between Mount Sinai and the Red Sea, which recently occupied great importance in the context of tourism in Egypt.

The enchanting beaches and the many landmarks that this city will encircle will take you a long time, but in return it will give you unparalleled amazement and pleasure, especially by diving into the depths of its clear waters or wandering in its neighborhoods and spending the most beautiful evenings and nights that cannot be forgotten.

If you are in Cairo and want to go to Sharm El Sheikh and wonder about the distance between Sharm El Sheikh and Cairo, then this report will answer all your questions.

The distance between Sharm El Sheikh and Cairo

There are four means of transportation that can be used to go to Sharm El Sheikh, and they are either by air, by road, by car, taxi, or bus. The distance between Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh is estimated at 510.9 km, which you will find below a clear map for this:

A distance between Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh by plane

The flight from Cairo Airport to Sharm El Sheikh Airport takes about two hours and 54 minutes, and this costs from $ 38 to $ 289.

For more information and a comprehensive guide for travelers from Sharm El-Sheikh Airport … read more

Distance between Sharm El Sheikh and Cairo by car

The time taken to reach Sharm El Sheikh by car can be estimated at 6 hours 38 minutes and costs from $ 16 to $ 25.

Cairo Sharm El Sheikh, by taxi

To reach Sharm El Sheikh by renting a taxi, it takes an estimated time of 6 hours 38 minutes while it will cost from $ 50 to $ 60.

The distance between Sharm El Sheikh and Cairo by bus

This trip will be done using a bus via Cairo Nasr City, and this will take approximately 7 hours and 46 minutes, while the cost will be only $ 6.

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