The effects of Al Moez Street

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Moez Street

Al-Moez Street, located in the Arab Republic of Egypt, is the first street in the country that is designated only for pedestrians, and it is also considered the largest open museum in the world as a whole, which contains Islamic monuments, where Al-Moez Street is located in the city of Cairo, specifically in the Al-Azhar region.

The monuments on Al-Moez Street to the Religion of God suffered from the earthquake that struck the city of Cairo in the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety AD. It is necessary, especially since this street contains many old historical buildings, which are inhabited by families to this day, where he worked on paving the street with granite and basalt stones, in addition to re-improving all networks such as electricity, sewage and so on.

The most important monuments found in Al Moez Street

There is no doubt that the first huge monuments that a tourist must visit is the Cairo Wall, which was built by Jawhar Al-Skali, in addition to two large gates, namely, Bab Al-Nasr and Bab Al-Futouh.

The street includes a group of Qaloon, as well as the apparent khanqah of Sultan al-Zahir Barquq, in addition to the school of Muhammad al-Nasir Muhammad Qalawun, and there is a room for Moheb al-Din Abi al-Tayyib, in addition to the bath of Sultan Inal, and there is a museum special for Islamic fabric that is in the way of Muhammad, and there is the Ashrafiyya School, and there are a number of mosques Like Al-Qadi Yahya Zain Al-Din University, and also the Mosque of Suleiman Agha Al-Saldar, as this mosque includes a path of water in addition to the writers, as well as the Al-Kamiliya School which belongs to the Ayyubids, in addition to the Salihiya School, and these are all located in the Al-Nahhasin area on the street.

There is the group of Sultan al-Ghuri, and the Great Eastern Palace, also known as the Caliph al-Mu`izz Palace, which is located on the eastern side of al-Mu`izz Street. He is the son of the caliph al-Muizz, and it is located near the eastern palace, in addition to the Emir Bashtak Palace, and the Prince Taz Palace
It contains a number of mosques, such as the Mosque of Ibn Tulun, and also the Mosque of Al-Muayyad Sheikh, and the Mosque of Al-Hakim by the command of God, in addition to the Mosque of Al-Aqmar, and there is the Mosque of Al-Ashraf Barsbay.

There are two agencies in Al-Moez Street, one of which is known as the agency of Bazraa, which belongs to the Ottoman period, in addition to three angles, one of which is known as the angle of Abu al-Khair al-Kulaybati, and there are two bathrooms, one of which is known as the bath of al-Muayyad, and a way of water known as the Abd al-Rahman. It is worth mentioning that this street was placed by UNESCO within the World Heritage Sites in the year one thousand nine hundred and seventy-nine A.D.


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