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The historic neighborhood of the Kasbah

The Kasbah district is located in the capital of the country, the city of Algiers, and it is an ancient historical neighborhood that includes many old buildings and shops, in addition to many restaurants and cafes, and given the historical and cultural importance of the neighborhood, it was recently included in the list of world heritage Of the UNESCO.

Reyas Palace

Al-Rayyas Palace (in French: Palais de Raïs) is an historical archaeological palace that represents one of the most important monuments in the city of Algeria, as it dates back to the era of the Ottoman Empire, and during its history it underwent many restoration and repair operations until it is what it is today; Architectural masterpiece open to visitors, and tourists.

The Great Mosque

The Great Mosque of Tlemcen, or the Grand Mosque, is located in the Algerian city of Tlemcen, and it is one of the most prominent religious monuments in the city. Its construction dates back to the year 1082 AD, and it is distinguished for its delicate architectural, traditional, and architectural design.

Romenian Khenchela Baths

Baths of Khenchela, or the Bath of the Righteous, is located in the city of Khenchela. It is an old bathroom built in the first century AD by the Romens. It was renovated and restored by the Ottomans, where they built doors, changing rooms, and still this The bathroom has its features, and is used to shower in hot water to this day.

The Mauritanian royal shrine

The Royal Mausoleum of Mauretania is considered an archaeological and historical monument dating back to the third century AD, and it is recalled that it embraced the tombs of Queen Cleopatra Seleni II and the Amazigh king Yuba II, noting that it is distinguished for its architectural design in the ancient Greek style; It was built entirely of stone, and above is the hierarchical structure.

Timgad city

Timgad is a historical monumental city whose history dates back to the Romen era and was recently included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Hippo Regius website

Hippo Regius is one of the most prominent historical monuments in the Algerian city of Annaba, and it includes many monuments dating back to the era of the Romen Empire.

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