The effects of Aswan

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The missing obelisk

The Unfinished Obelisk is located in the eastern part of the Egyptian city of Aswan. It is an ancient obelisk of pink granite, knowing that the history of the discovery of this historical landmark dates back to 1922 AD. Scientists and explorers have shown great interest in these ancient archaeological quarries, where This helped to understand ancient techniques and the mechanisms that were used in the past to extract granite stones. Visitors and tourists can visit the archaeological site and see its wonderful features.

Philae Temple

The Philae temple is an ancient historical archaeological landmark that used to be located on Philae Island in Aswan, but the start of the construction of the High Dam prompted the competent authorities to assemble the temple, and move it to elevated areas on the nearby island of Agelica, and the Philae Temple is considered one Among the most prominent sacred places, where it was built for the first time by the Pharaohs thousands of years ago, and more landmarks were added to it by Greece, the Romans, and the Byzantines.

Nobles’ tombs

The tombs of the Nobles are located to the north of the island of Kitchener. They are ancient historical tombs of important personalities, prominent from the ancient and medieval kingdoms, including the tombs of Mikho and his son Sabni, which date back to the period (2278-2184 BC) And these archaeological tombs are still under excavation and exploration to this day, and visitors and tourists can see the open and ornate tombs.

Suhail Island

Seheyl Island lies within the course of the Nile River, specifically to the north of the ancient Aswan Dam, and this island once represented a sacred place, dedicated to the worship of the god Anoukis, and today it includes many monuments, ancient inscriptions dating back to the kingdoms, And the rulers who inhabited Nubia during the two centuries: the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.


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