The effects of Nimrod

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Nimrod, son of Cush, and Nimrod’s personality was mentioned in different cultures, and Nimrod was one of the disbelieving kings whom the Holy Qur’an mentioned, and his name was mentioned in the books of Islamic history, but it differed in his lineage, some of them said: that Nimrod bin Sam bin Noah, and some of them said: that he Nimrod bin Kush up to Ham bin Noah.
Some historians and researchers have questioned the connection between Nimrod and the tyrant king mentioned in the Noble Qur’an, where books have stated that this tyrant king is a Persian Persian Arab king. It is another city attributed to Nimrod in the book of Genesis.

The effects of Nimrod in Turkey

There are many monuments, and sites dating back to the time of Nimrod in the Turkish Republic, and from those monuments Nimrod located in the city of Adiyaman in southeastern Anatolia, this city acquires political, cultural, and tourist importance from the presence of this mountain, and from other monuments in Turkey, a kingdom Comagen, so that the tomb of the greats of the Greek mythological nation is one of the most important of these monuments, such as the Church of St. Peter, which is one of the oldest Christian churches in the world, and it is a cave carved in the mountain, and its height reaches more than 2134 m.

The effects of Nimrod in Iraq

There are many traces of King Nimrod in the Iraqi Republic, including the so-called Kalj or Nimrod, located in the city of Assyria to the south of Mosul, Kalju was the capital of the Assyrian state in the thirteenth century BC, and these monuments suffer at present a lot of neglect as a result of erosion factors Natural desertification. Preserving such monuments and landmarks is the duty of the state in general, and the duty of the Ministry of Antiquities and Tourism in particular. Ancient nations, and makes us more closely related to the past ancient and authentic, and to recognize the new generation on the ancient history of different nations.


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