The effects of the people of Aad and Thamud

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add’s people

He is one of the Arab peoples who lived in the Arabian Peninsula, and God sent them a prophetic hood, so they refused to submit or respond to him, so God was angry with them and sent them a strong storm that destroyed them for the last of them, except for the Prophet Hood and everyone who believed with him.

The city of Iram is the capital taken by a people belonging to them, and it is located in the area between Yemen and Oman. People used to worship idols, and they took three idols as gods for them: they are rustic, steadfastness, and aerosols. The Messenger of God to them, denying those attributes from him, and that he wanted those who invited him to advise them to avoid the punishment of the Hereafter, and remind them of the blessings of God upon them, and that he had inherited the land from them after the people of Noah who perished with their disobedience and their sins, and his grace represented in the strength of their bodies that they have, and in authority and money, but His people did not pay attention to his words His call, but continued immersed in their desires and their disobedience to the call, God sent them a wind storm laden with dirt and dust.

Traces of folk returned

A popular people were famous for their unparalleled palaces on the face of the earth, and they lived in the Al-Ahqaf region, which is a sandy area located on the road between Yemen and Oman, where they built a great city they called the name Iram. And the effects of the city of Iram were found in the end of the last century, after the dust was removed from it, and the city of Iram was previously considered a legend until the archeological ruins of the city that were standing deep in the desert were revealed.

Folk Hood

They are people who believe that they have a connection with the Petra region in Jordan and Madain Saleh. The people of Hood are mentioned in the Holy Qur’an, and they are also believed to be from Yemen, where they left to the north. And Thamud is a tribe from the Arabian Peninsula. They lived in a city called Thamud in Yemen, and a large percentage of them spread in the Sinai and the Hijaz, after they moved towards the Arabian Peninsula coming from Babylon after the Banu Hams crowded them in the place.

Hood Folk Effects

Among the earliest antiquities discovered from the people of Thamud is an inscription by Sargon the Assyrian. This inscription dates back to the eighth century BC, and it is in the same period of outbreaks of fighting between the people of Hood and the Assyrians. Hood is mentioned in a number of books by Ptolemy, Aristotle and Pliny, and in a number of Byzantine books dating back to the fifth century AD, and in a number of archaeological inscriptions that have been found around the city of Tayma near Tabuk Province in Saudi Arabia. One of the monuments and evidence that date back to the historians of the people of Hood, Mada’in Saleh, located in the northwestern side of the city enlightened in Saudi Arabia.


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