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The old city in Yemen

The old city in Sanaa is located on a mountain valley at an altitude of 2200 meters, and this city has been inhabited for more than 2500 years, and the city has become a major center for spreading Islam in the seventh and eighth centuries, and the city has been famous for its religious and political heritage as it has 103 mosques, and 14 bathrooms , And more than 6000,000 homes were all built before the 11th century.

Stone house

This palace appears to have been carved from the tall stone pillar in which it was built, and it was built in the style of the Middle East in the thirties by the Islamic ruler Yahya Muhammad Hamid al-Din, and the purpose of its construction was to be a ruler’s home in the summer, and it included a number of facilities, including Rooms for the most important guests, separate spaces to cool water in the earthen jars, and the governor Yahya was assassinated in 1948 AD, but the palace is still standing, and it became a popular example of Yemeni architecture, and is no longer used as a royal residence, it has been renewed as a museum that can be toured for a fee.

The old city of Taiz

The old city in Taiz is the third largest urban center in Yemen, and the city was a fortified site when the Sulayhid dynasty ruled Yemen in the eleventh century, and later became an Ayyubid prisoner and a place for the Ayyubid treasury, and the city of Taiz was the capital of Yemen during 1229-1454, and the city occupied A prime location where the foundation of the state was trade and commerce, and the Apostolic Sultans built luxurious palaces in Taiz, in addition to mosques and religious schools.


The city of Baraqish was built 450 years ago, and it was the capital of the Kingdom of Minin in the fourth century B.C. The city was abandoned in the sixties, and parts of the ancient city walls still exist and reach a height of 14 meters.

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