The finest hotels in Bur Dubai

المسافرون العرب

We offer you, dear reader, through our article today, from Arab travelers, a hotel guide in Bur Dubai. It is well known that this city is a global tourist destination that visitors from all over the world come to, because it has many attractive places and attractions.
But the problem that you face may be where your stay will be, and what hotels have great rates and great service, and they can stay there throughout your stay in Dubai.
Don’t worry, we will take you on a tour with us to get to know the most famous hotels in Bur Dubai, just prepare to come with us; until you choose the appropriate hotels, let us go.

The finest hotels in Bur Dubai

The H Dubai Hotel

You can get to know what this luxury hotel offers by visiting its website via this link, and you can also book online.
It is located on Zayed Street No. 1, and it is one of the most famous vital hotels that have been carefully selected.
It has 236 suites and rooms, and it also has a residential tower, in addition to the presence of the Mandra Spa, and also has an office tower, and they have a wonderful experience in night life, and the work of different foods with a delicious taste, and can hold various events, and weddings in it.
It also provides a service to provide food for a number of different external events, such as home parties, school, company parties, and others, and you can communicate with them for this matter via email [email protected], Or the phone number +97145018800
You can communicate with them in general, by calling +97145018888
You can also communicate via WhatsApp on the number 971566567311

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Citymax Hotel Bur Dubai

You can view all the services and features of this hotel by logging onto its website through this link.
The highlight of this hotel is its proximity to Burj Khalifa, Downtown Dubai, and the Dubai Museum.
Also, we find that it contains 691 rooms that provide you with the best amenities, entertainment, and there is a distinctive swimming pool on the roof of the hotel, in addition to the presence of a health club in this hotel for everyone who loves to exercise.
If you want to book a residence permit for you, you should contact them via this email
[email protected] You can also contact the phone via this number 2489629

Movenpick Hotel & Apartments Bur Dubai

It is considered a five star hotel category, and it contains 57 serviced apartments, 255 suites and rooms, all of them are carefully designed, with the latest and best means of safety and comfort.
You can book it and view all its services and privileges by visiting their website by logging on this link.
You can also call them at +97143366000

Palazzo Versace Dubai

With a great location considered to be an italyn palace, this hotel is eight minutes from the Burj Khalifa.
It has 215 suites and hotel rooms, while the number of residences in this hotel is about 169.
You can book this hotel via this link.

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Websites with the best hotels in Bur Dubai

You can see many different hotels that are located in Bur Dubai through several websites and electronic applications that allow this, including: –

Booking location

One of the most famous sites that allows its users to book their stay anywhere in the world, without any trouble or effort, as it provides you with the advantages of every place and its price, you can choose what suits you from the available offers.
You can access the best hotels in Bur Dubai, and find out their prices and services via this link.

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The site trivago

Through it you will find many distinguished hotels in Bur Dubai, in addition to their prices and services available, and you may find discount offers on some hotels that you can take advantage of, and book within the available offer, or you can book a furnished apartment in Bur Dubai at a reasonable price.
This site can be accessed through the following link.


You can see the various hotels in Bur Dubai, which are still available in some places that can be booked, and also available through this site online reservation.
You can access it via this link.

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