The first museum in the world

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Ashmolean Museum is the first museum in the world

Ashmolean Museum is considered the first public museum in the world, as it is the first public museum in Britain, and the oldest university museum in the world, where it received its first collections in 1677 AD, and the museum includes at present a wide range of items of artistic and archaeological importance , Including biblical manuscripts, drawings by Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo, and many more.

Information about the Ashmolean Museum

The Ashmolean Museum is one of the four museums at Oxford University, and the oldest public museum of art, antiquities, and natural history in Great Britain. The current Ashmolean Museum building has been designed in classic neoclassical style, by Carlos Robert Cockerell (English: Charles Robert Cockerell). Between 1841-1845 AD, it was established to include a collection of artifacts and monuments that the archaeologist Elias Ashmole donated to Oxford University in 1677 AD, most of which he inherited from his friend John Tradescant. The museum was opened. For the public for the first time in 1683 AD, knowing that it is in the beginning Vttaha was primarily interested in natural history, it has remained a center of scientific studies at the University of Oxford for 150 years.

The gift of the archaeologist Ashmoli included a wide range of books, manuscripts, coins, medals, and other original artifacts and samples displayed, which were interesting to the curiosity and curiosity of museum visitors in the seventeenth century, and it is noteworthy that Elias Ashmoli was a pioneering intellectual in his era, as He studied at the University of Oxford, and he was elected to be the founder of the Royal Society in London in 1661 AD, and Ashmoli’s vision was to establish a center for practical research and advance knowledge of the natural world through the establishment of a new public museum, and it is reported that the new exhibition displays pieces related to scientific investigation and the search for knowledge, Wa Including a crystal ball, the holistic world is believed to have been used to make predictions, many medical equipment, and samples, such as: kidney stones, pharmaceutical tools, and a collection of natural history samples of exotic animals, fish, and birds. It is worth noting here that the main objective of the museum is Preserve and continue to display historical collections.

The oldest museum in the world

The Princess Ennigaldi-Nanna Museum is the oldest museum in the world. It was built 2,500 years ago by the Princess of Babylon, and dates back to 530 BC. It was dedicated to the archaeological pieces of Mesopotamia, and was discovered in 1925 AD He accepted the archaeologist Leonard Woolley (English: Leonard Woolley), when he discovered a strange set of relics while he was digging the Babylon palace.


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