Tropically, the world’s first artificial and tropical tropical forest in the world, a double plastic dome project in Pais de Calais in the French north, is designed to be the largest plastic house containing tropical plants in the world with a total area of ​​20,000 square meters.
The Privatay & Associates will design the dome, which features a transparent double-sided shell-like roof on an unprecedented scale, and has a path of one kilometer across the Tropicala Dome, and connects a variety of tropical landscapes full of tropical plants and animals.

Upon entering the dome, visitors receive a large waterfall of 25 meters high, and a huge basin of beautiful brightly colored Cuban fish, along with a large pond of three meters long Amazonian fish when they are fully grown, in addition to a beach of turtles and various types of birds.
The double dome will be made entirely of ETFE, a type of plastic that lasts for a very long time, is also rotatable and generates the energy needed to warm the dome from natural sunlight. Usually greenhouses require a large amount of energy to heat them, but the nature of this double dome will help to trap the heat inside in order to keep them warm throughout the winter, which is relatively cold in the French north.

The architects supervising the project say: “The project is an independent energy product by using a double dome to create an air chamber that is heated by global warming, and the excess heat generated by the complex will be recycled for use in remote buildings.”

On the other hand, it is assumed that the construction of the double dome will start in 2019, and it is expected to be completed in the spring of 2021, and the cost of its construction may reach about 62 million US dollars, which is the result of cooperation with the energy company “Dalika”.

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