The Green Planet … a piece of amazon on the land of Dubai!

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Dubai has become one of the cities referred to as Lebanon when talking about tourism, and this matter did not come from pharaohs. There is an ambitious strategic vision to become the number one tourist city in the world and every day we see everything that is new in the vibrant city, and recently the entertainment and educational destination was opened simultaneously. “The Green Planet, to be the first destination in the region to emulate the world of tropical forests with its amazing diversity.

4 floors of nature

And the new destination consists of 4 floors looking for forest layers to find the visitor on a wonderful trip in the forest with the same temperatures and humidity as if it were in one of the rainforests where there are more than 3000 species of plants, animals and insects that take the forests as their habitat.

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The largest tree

We can call the Green Planet that it is a piece of amazin located on the land of Dubai, which includes the largest artificial tree in the world with a height of 25 meters in the middle of an integrated biosphere surrounded by dense trees and earthy plants forming a natural habitat for many living creatures with a number of display and illustration means that Allows visitors to explore the secrets and mysteries of this ecosystem.

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An expedition

Visitors to The Green Planet will have the opportunity to make an unforgettable educational and exploratory trip. Children and adults alike will be able to learn amazing facts, which will encourage them to respect the environment and the importance of preserving it.

Sustainable design

The Green Planet building is characterized by its design that takes into account the principles of sustainability, as the building has received a global leadership certificate in energy and environmental design “LEED”, and it is fully compatible with the regulations and specifications of green buildings specified by Dubai Municipality.

Eco friendly resorts charm, beauty and tranquility

The Green Planet is expected to attract nature lovers and exploration of all ages, as it will be a window for visitors to learn about the secrets of nature and get a close look at the splendor of one of the oldest, most diverse and magical ecosystems on the planet.

It is noteworthy that at the end of the exploratory tour, visitors can buy wonderful souvenirs or enjoy snacks in the cafe opposite the building, while the entry ticket price is 95 dirhams for adults and 70 dirhams for children and receives all visitors from 10 am until 10 pm.

The Green Planet ... a piece of amazon on the - The Green Planet ... a piece of amazon on the land of Dubai!
The Green Planet … a piece of amazon on the land of Dubai!


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