The hill in the countryside of Damascus

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The hill in the countryside of Damascus

The hill is a town that belongs to the province of Damascus countryside, where it is located in the north of Damascus, in the area between the Qalamoun Mountains in the south to Homs in the north. Its population is approximately thirty-five thousand nine hundred and thirty-three people, according to the population census for the year two thousand and four, in this article we will detail some information about the town of Tal in the countryside of Damascus.


The hill is distinguished by its beautiful location at the southern bases of the Qalamoun mountain ranges, which rise about a thousand and a hundred meters above the sea level. It is also bordered by the town of Minin in the north, Draij in the west, Maaraba in the south, and Maarouna in the east.

brief history

This town grew up on the remains of three historical villages, namely Al-Qasimia, Al-Battaiha, and Qawasir, and this town is distinguished by the presence of many archaeological buildings. Archeology, such as: stone columns and archaeological sites that date back to the stone age.

Population activity

The people who live in this town work in agriculture, and this explains the large number of its orchards scattered on the banks of the valley. Modern olives to extract olives. The residents also practice traditional professions and industries in addition to carving, stone engraving and ornamentation, as well as poultry raising, in addition to the presence of many factories and laboratories that have contributed greatly to the development of urban, social, and economic renaissance in this town.


There are many popular cafes and parks in this town in addition to restaurants, and when the spring begins and greenery, beautiful trees and flowers begin to grow, the number of tourists coming to this town to enjoy its picturesque nature and pleasant climate has increased, and many high-level tourist establishments that are distinguished by their bright lights have been established in them. Night, as many water mills from the nineteenth century were installed near the valleys in this town in order to attract tourists to it, in addition to the presence of many archaeological grape presses.


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